100-Year-Old Man Gifted Bentley He Drove as Chauffeur, Took His Family 20 Years to Track It Down

by Courtney Blackann

It is the perfect storybook tale involving sentiment and surprise. Only this story happens to be true. A man was gifted a very special car for his 100th birthday. However, it wasn’t just any old car. It was the very Bentley S3 from the 1960s Eddie Hughes used to chauffeur himself.

The gift was a combination of determination and love, given to Hughes on his centennial birthday by his son Ron. Hughes was absolutely shocked when he saw the gorgeous car. He’d driven it for about a year for his boss, according to Fox News.

Additionally, not many people can say they’ve driven a Bentley, let alone own one. So the thoughtful gesture is something that made turning 100 that much sweeter.

Ron Hughes said his father told him “it was the best car he’d ever driven.” Though they live in the United Kingdom, Ron was willing to look anywhere for the vehicle.

So Ron got to business tracking down the automobile. After carefully scouring Bentley clubs all over the world, the younger Hughes decided to try a Google search. He entered the vehicle’s vin number and – voila! The old S3 was located in the United States at the Beverly Hills Car Club.

Restoring the Bentley S3

Ron purchased it immediately. However, the car was quite expensive to relocate and repair. Bringing it to the United Kingdom cost a heft $44,000.

“The car was very complete with its original parts but its running condition was poor until it was fixed,” Ron said. 

After making the Bentley drivable, Ron gifted it to his father, who quite appropriately, couldn’t believe it.

“I just could not believe it. It was wonderful to see it again,” Eddie said. “I was very emotional when I saw it. I never knew anything about it.”

Though Eddie Hughes won’t be able to drive the car very far since he’ll be turning in his license after 83 years, he knows it will live on in his family.

History of the Luxury Car

While many people cherish vintage cars – and tend to collect quite a few, it takes a lot to own and maintain one. Plenty of people around the world gather to share their love of old cars through clubs and other organizations. Bentleys originated in London in the early 1900s and grew into a luxury worldwide brand.

According to the Bentley Motors official site, the founder, Walter Owen Bentley, who was one of nine children who had a knack for invention.

His love for quality in the automotive industry led him to create a car that has stood the test of time. One hundred years later, the car is a symbol of power and wealth.