2020 Presidential Election TV Ratings Take Major Dip Compared To 2016

by Halle Ames

As the U.S. enters the third day of the 2020 election, viewership ratings have taken a hit this year compared to the previous 2016 election.

Reports show that TV ratings for the 2020 election between former Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump are down 20 percent compared to the 2016 election between former First Lady Hilary Clinton and Trump. According to reports, viewers didn’t watch the election after losing patience during a long campaign.

In addition, many voters felt like neither candidate is a good option, with the slogan “settle for Trump” and “settle for Biden” popping up.

Networks Leading the Ratings for the 2020 Election

To break down the numbers, in 2016, nearly 71.4 million people locked into the coverage of the election, whereas only 56.9 million people tuned in a few days ago. It may be due to Trump’s unforeseen upset against the former Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton in 2016.

According to the Nielsen ratings agency, Fox News led the broadcasting networks this year with 14.1 million viewers. CNN followed in second with 9.4 million people tuning to watch their coverage. While MSNBC took third place with 7.6 million viewers.

Fox News

Although Fox News was the first to call many of the state’s decisions to go with Biden or Trump, they received a lot of backlash for it. In Arizona, Fox quickly reported that it would switch to a blue state in this election. Many called this choice premature with allegedly more than one million votes to be counted. The network stood alone on this decision for more than three hours.

They were also more than five hours ahead of CNN in reporting Biden’s win in Virginia.

In addition, the network was 90 minutes ahead of the AP in reporting Florida’s swing state decision to go red.

However, Fox backed their choices by bringing members of their decision team on air to justify their predictions. One team member said that it was statistically impossible for the state to turn back red at that time with the knowledge they currently had. With 88 percent reporting in Arizona, Biden won by nearly 68,000 votes.

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