32-Year-Old Woman and Her Dog Vanish at Shasta-Trinity National Forest

by Michael Freeman

Tragically, missing people seem to be increasingly commonplace lately. Last heard from several weeks ago, a 32-year-old woman and her dog disappeared while visiting Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Courtney Bryan posted to Instagram on September 23, 2021 while visiting the Shasta-Trinity National Forest Hunt Hot Springs in California. The post was the last anyone heard from Bryan. Her sister, Katana Curven, spoke to Dateline NBC about the incident and her distress. “She’s a free spirit and would often travel alone. But she would’ve let us know when she was coming back. She would’ve checked in with somebody.”

Curven told Dateline Courtney went to work as usual on September 22 at Patagonia. However, she planned to take time off work because their grandfather passed away on September 16. “It makes sense that she wanted to get away,” Katana added about her sister visiting the forest. “But she would’ve been back by now. She wouldn’t let us worry.”

When she didn’t return to work on September 27 as she planned, her family knew something was wrong. Phone records show her last calls and texts occurred on September 23 from Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Curven also told Dateline her sister called her boyfriend for directions to get to the forest. Furthermore, her dog, Booch, is also missing.

“She left her cat here at her apartment, so I know she was planning on coming back,” Katana said. “She loved her animals. And her plants. And would never leave them like this.” Noting TikTok’s recent successes with locating missing people, Curven is hoping the same will happen here.

If you happen to have information related to Courtney’s location or anything in general, call the Reno Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit at 775-321-8372.

Local Man Finds Missing Toddler Who Was in the Woods Alone for Days

Hopefully, the Courtney Bryan case finds success similar to another missing person incident this month. After a toddler survived several days alone in the woods, a local Texas man found him.

Christopher Ramirez is a toddler in Texas who went missing on October 6. His parents were unpacking their food truck around Houston when Christopher chased the neighbor’s dog into a wooded area. The dog returned after some time, but the boy didn’t. His parents couldn’t find him and then called the police. The New York Post reported the FBI, Texas EquuSearch, and local authorities all chipped in to help find him.

After three days passed, things were not looking good. Miraculously, someone not even initially related to the search eventually found him. He wished to remain anonymous, but a local Texan attending a bible study group felt compelled to search for Christopher and found him.

Officials took Christopher to Texas Children’s Hospital in north Houston to recover.