Alleged Hobby Lobby ‘Trump’ Sign Goes Viral on Twitter

by Matthew Wilson
Alleged Hobby Lobby 'Trump' Sign Goes Viral on Twitter

A Hobby Lobby sign, allegedly endorsing President Donald Trump, has Twitter users debating. As a result, people on both sides of the political spectrum weighed in with their thoughts.

User Kari Brekke posted the sign to Twitter earlier on Sept. 6. But according to Newsweek, the photo originated in the Lincoln Project Group on Facebook. The sign reads: “USA Vote Trump.”

It is currently unknown whether the sign was arranged by a Hobby Lobby employee or if it was a customer who created the endorsement. Twitter user Hank Green also believes it was a customer having bit of fun.

Some Twitter users are now calling for a boycott of the arts and crafts store. For instance, user DrSano2’s tweet calling for a boycott of their local Hobby Lobby has been retweeted almost 70 times.

In particular, a Twitter account used a bit of photoshop magic to change the sign into a message supporting presidential candidate Joe Biden.