Alton Brown Goes on All-Caps Twitter Tirade About Food and People Are Confused

by Atlanta Northcutt

Celebrity chef Alton Brown is mixing together a batch of hysteria and chaotic comedy during a strange Twitter tirade on the eve of the election.

The stress of the day’s impending election is affecting people in different ways as some experience anxiety, tension, or sleeplessness. However, the typically mild-mannered Alton Brown has reached a whole new level of STRANGE behavior and seems to just now be discovering where the CAPS-LOCK button is located on his computer.

Alton Brown Twitter Breakdown

Things began going downhill Monday afternoon when the “Good Eats” and “Iron Chef” star tweeted: “No matter what happens tomorrow, we’ll still have tiny chocolate doughnuts.” An hour later, Brown followed it with “I’m seriously thinking about @LittleDebbie #NuttyBars and cigarettes. Honestly, like at the same time.”

He then continued on with:

Some believe Brown’s Twitter account has been hacked. However, others are finding stress relief in the comical stylings of the Food Network star, with his posts of hilarious and harmless pairings of food-related words and phrases seeming to be completely random.

Fans Are Feeling the Funny

While likes, comments and retweets came flooding in, fans quickly joined in on the fun.

Brown gave words of wisdom when telling Twitter users to “turn off the lights and run 23 Slim Jims through the juicer”, and Slim Jim replied, “How did you get the recipe for my daily nightcap?”

Positivity Amongst Politics

A few harmless Twitter outbursts by an award-winning chef is currently the least of our problems. In fact, the majority of remarks on Brown’s Twitter’s post have been light-hearted and peaceful, uniting many together in their WTF moments.

And just remember, there’s one thing to look forward to: