Amazon, Costco Not Among Major Retailers Dropping MyPillow After CEO’s Controversial Claims

by Kayla Zadel

Various retailers are pulling MyPillow after its CEO Mike Lindell’s claims about the 2020 presidential election. However, Costco and Amazon are two major U.S. retailers that have yet to pull the merchandise from their shelves.

According to the Seattle Times, MyPillow’s storefront on Amazon is still active. However, the page is being flooded with one-star reviews, asking the empire to take down the product. Moreover, Amazon has been removing some merchandise with connections to election-fraud conspiracy theories. This came after the insurrection at the capitol on Jan. 6.

Additionally, searches for MyPillow on Costco’s website doesn’t return any results. However, the website of the Washington-based company still lists several MyPIllow promotional events taking place at Costco’s around the country.

Retailers Pulling MyPillow

On the opposite end of things, retailers like Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Macy’s, and HEB are cutting ties with Lindell. This has started a controversial discussion on social media. Many people are asking retailers to remove the merchandise. Some are saying that they’re going to boycott stores that continue to carry MyPillow.

The publication says that Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s are dropping Lindell because of low product sales, not because of his controversial claims. Furthermore, J.C. Penney was one of the first retails to drop the product because of its lack of demand.

Lindell says that he’s being perpetrated by “leftist groups.” He’s also claiming that these retailers are dropping his product because of public pressure on social media. 

Lindell started MyPillow in 2004 with claims that his foam pillow wouldn’t lose its shape. The CEO says that by 2017, the company brought in $300 million in revenue. This isn’t the first time that MyPillow has been in the spotlight. Consumers claim that the advertising is misleading. What’s more, the Better Business Bureau gave it an “F” rating for running its yearslong promotion of “Buy One Get One Free” sale. Then there are lawsuits against Lindell’s false claim that he is a “sleep expert.”

Mike Lindell’s been a staunch reporter of Trumps. So much so that the controversial claims are in regards to the 2020 presidential election. Lindell has echoed Trump is saying that there was voter fraud.