Barack Obama Posts Sweet Tribute to Wife, Daughters on Valentine’s Day 2021

by Keeli Parkey

Former President Barack Obama is sharing the love this Valentine’s Day. On Sunday (Feb. 14), he shared a very sweet message on Twitter dedicated to his family. The tweet was for his wife, Michelle Obama, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the three who never fail to make me smile. Your dazzling light makes everything brighter,” President Obama wrote. He also shared a photo of himself with Michelle, Malia and Sasha.

President Obama’s tweet was met with a lot of love my his followers on Twitter. Around noon on Sunday, his tweet had received more than 360,000 likes and had been retweeted more than 21,000 times. It had also received more than 4,000 comments.

“Just seeing your faces this morning in my feed, Mr. President and Ms. First Lady, you’ve made my day. The love you have for one another continues to radiate outward into the world. WE LOVE YOU. Happy Valentine’s Day!” one fan posted in response to Obama’s tweet.

“Every day is Valentine’s Day as long as we show love and respect to each other. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone on this post. Peace, Love and Happiness, enjoy your day,” another said.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Share Love on Valentine’s Day

Michelle Obama also shared a special Valentine’s Day message meant for her husband, Barack Obama. “Happy Valentine’s Day, @barackobama! Life is always brighter when I’m by your side,” Michelle posted.

Michelle’s followers also loved her Valentine’s Day message. It had already received more than 114,000 likes, more than 6,500 retweets, and more than 800 comments Sunday afternoon.

“Hi from Houston! This is one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen! I’m a 4th & 5th grade math and science teacher and I see so much math and science in this picture: shadows, symmetry, color, angles, lines… OMG. And I also see wonder and love. Happy Valentine’s Day,” one supporter shared.

“This melted me (which is a serious accomplishment since it’s -9°F this morning.) Thank you @MichelleObama and @BarackObama for being a shining example of what love, compassion, and kindness can look like in every space,” another user posted.

Obamas Married in 1992

Barack Obama, who is 59, and Michelle Obama, who is 57, were married in 1992, according to They met in Chicago and will celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary in October 2021. Malia Obama is 22 years old. Sasha is 19 years old.

According to People, Michelle previously said on social media that she is “so grateful to have (Barack) as a partner through everything life throws at us.” She also previously wrote on Instagram that she loves her husband “for his smile, his character, and his compassion,” magazine also reported.

Last month, Barack Obama shared a sweet message for Michelle on her birthday.