Biker Returns Fire with Beer Cans After Getting Hit with Water Balloon

by Jennifer Shea

In a spat that shattered a sunny, peaceful day, a biker responded to a water balloon hit by lobbing beer cans onto a nearby apartment balcony.

The biker, whose name is apparently Andrew, was about to walk away when another water balloon hit him. The first water balloon had seemingly knocked Andrew off-balance, causing him to crash into the bumper of a parked car on the street. The second water balloon just infuriated him.

At that point, Andrew cut loose, lobbing beer can after beer can up at the apartment, including into the glass door opening out onto the balcony.

“Dude, you can’t blame him,” an onlooker can be heard telling the equally pissed-off residents of the apartment after Andrew’s salvo. “Like, seriously.”

Watch the video here, but fair warning, it contains explicit language.

Other Recent Beer-Can-Throwing Incidents Less Dangerous

Andrew seemed to be lobbing full beer cans at what he perceived to be the source of the water balloons, and needless to say, full beer cans can be dangerous when hurled at a target.

But another recent beer can-throwing incident was less hazardous and more just, well, odd. In June, the New York Islanders hockey team triumphed over the Tampa Bay Lightning at the aging Nassau Coliseum. It was Game 6 for the Islanders, and they successfully reversed a two-point lead to tie the game before shooting the winning goal in overtime.

After they won, according to Yahoo Sports, fans decided on a bizarre impromptu form of celebration. They threw their beer cans onto the ice of the Coliseum. Lots of them. Until beer cans totally littered the ice.

“I can’t understand this,” NBC hockey analyst Eddie Olczyk reportedly said as beer cans whizzed onto the ice. “This is dangerous for the players. This is your team.”

“Never seen anything like that,” Islanders forward Mat Barzal told the New York Post. “A little dangerous, but… that’s the Islanders faithful. They’re passionate, they get excited.”

His teammate Anthony Beauvillier, who scored the winning goal, told the Post he didn’t mind the gesture.

“Going into OT the building smelled like cigarettes, and now it smells like beers,” he said.