Bodycam Video Shows Officer Rescuing Three Kids Who Had Been Lost in Forest for 24 Hours

by Kati Kuuseoks

If you have kids, you know that they sometimes follow their curiosity and end up wandering off. Unfortunately, this causes some pretty scary situations. Looking away for even a minute can lead to headlines of lost toddlers in the woods and near-drownings. This story marks another scary incident that involves three children who got lost in a forest together. They remained there for over 24 hours in dangerous conditions. Luckily, there’s a happy ending here. Bodycam video shows the moment that a Texan officer came to their rescue. We have that and the details surrounding their story below.

Rescuing Officer Calls Out “Come to Me”

Three children, ages 6, 6, and 7, found themselves lost in the middle of the Sam Houston National Forest overnight. Their names remain censored for their protection. Bodycam footage from Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Jason Smith captured the moment he made contact with the group. He calls out to the kids joined by a Good Samaritan who found them at the latter part of their journey. This stranger helps connect the children to the police officer, who then handles the rescue from there. “I got ’em, I got ’em. I have the kids” informs Smith to his squad through the use of his radio. You can watch the footage here:

Reports Say the Children Emerged from the Woods Uninjured

Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies say that it’s not unusual for children to use the woods in this area to avoid walking along main roads with heavy traffic. During a press conference, Montgomery County Lieutenant Scott Spencer noted that the rescuing officer found the children about a mile away from their entry point into the woods.

The children frequent the woods to get from one residence to another and typically use the same path. This time, though, they got distracted by a dry creek and ended up lost. When they failed to report to either parents’ residence, the parents sought the help of officials. Luckily, after realizing they were lost, the children reportedly took cover near a fallen tree for the night. This is where they stayed until help arrived. Although there were some bumps and maybe some bruises, the rescuing officer reported no major injuries.

The children appeared to be in good spirits in the video as well, despite their dampened hair and clothes. The officer promised them a good meal and offered one of them his coat as they left the woods as a “team.” It turns out that leading up to their rescue, the search for them was actually a multiple-agency affair. At one point they even called in tracking dogs, drones, and helicopters. At the end of the day, the officers thank the Good Samaritan for his help in bringing the children to safety. This man chooses to remain anonymous for his deed. He joined the latter part of the search as someone very familiar with the lay of the land. The children are now presumably safe and sound in the comfort of their home, where they belong.