California Moves To Ban Gas Powered Lawn Mowers and Leaf Blowers

by Shelby Scott

Amid the ongoing battle against climate change, California has made a move to ban gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers. The small advancement aims to reduce smog conditions across the state, the ban initiating within the next few years.

According to a post by the Los Angeles Times, the coastal state “will outlaw the sale of new gas-powered lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and chain saws as early as 2024.” The outlet further stated the new law saw approval by Governor Gavin Newsom on Saturday.

Once the law takes effect, CA will require all small-motor equipment “to be zero-emission.”

Those same tools will instead become powered by a battery or plug-in. Additionally, the Los Angeles Times stated the law will require all portable gas-powered generators to qualify as zero-emission by 2028.

Small motorized tools like lawnmowers and leaf blowers lie central to the recent ban. Although, it also targets chain saws, weed trimmers, and golf carts by extension. The various machines and tools contribute to smog-causing pollution across the state, a problem CA has faced for years.

Assemblyman Marc Berman said the ban means to limit emission rates as much as possible, with minor user inconvenience. Specifically, “This is a pretty modest approach to trying to limit the massive amounts of pollution that this equipment emits.”

He added the ban also combats the health impact pollutant emitting machines have on workers regularly using them.

Nevertheless, major contributors like gas-powered cars, airplanes, boats, and the like currently remain excluded from the ban.

New York Plans Takes Action Against Gas Powered Vehicles

CA’s government combats climate change with its ban on specified gas-powered tools. However, additional moves continue to combat climate change on the East Coast. New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced the state’s initiative to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035. The move plans to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

In an earlier news release, Hochul stated, “New York is implementing the nation’s most aggressive plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions affecting our climate.”

She added that to reach those lofty goals, NY must follow through with the ban. She stated “the largest source of the state’s climate pollution results from the “transportation sector.”

Hochul added that transportation acts as a major contributor to NY’s pollution issues as a whole. It also most negatively affects “communities that have been overburdened by pollution from cars and trucks for decades.”

However, the governor’s ban still required approval by the state’s legislation in early September. Further, the ban on gas-powered vehicles would result in an increase in gas prices throughout NY.

Hopefully, while many of us won’t see the benefits of these bans on gas-powered vehicles and machinery in this lifetime, it will help future generations return to an increased quality of life, not only for humans but for those species that have inhabited the planet much longer than we have.