Canadian Man Who Landed Helicopter in Parking Lot for Dairy Queen Visit Charged by Police

by Amy Myers

This Canadian man took grand entrances to the next level. The 34-year-old pilot stunned Dairy Queen when he landed his helicopter on the chain restaurant’s parking lot in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. On July 31st at around 5 p.m. CST, the unnamed man decided he wanted to get his treat in style.

At the time, the Dairy Queen parking lot in Tisdale was bustling with customers. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the pilot lowered his red helicopter in a “high traffic parking lot on 101st Street in Tisdale, SK.” Once on the ground, a passenger hopped out and picked up an ice cream cake. Of course, with such a loud and noticeable entrance, Canadian police found the pilot fairly quickly and put a stop to the situation.

While the man may have thought that his landing was a funny prank, Canadian police aren’t so amused. Officers charged him with one count of dangerous operation of an aircraft, among other offenses. Thankfully, despite his parking choices, police didn’t report that any injuries during the situation. Most likely, this was due to the fact that the man was, in fact, a fully licensed pilot.

Dairy Queen Fanatic to Appear in Court for Charges

It could be that this man had a very important birthday attend. But even if this were true, a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, although delicious, does not match the grandiosity of a helicopter entrance. Regardless of his haste, the RCMP maintains that the man’s helicopter landing could have caused a lot of harm or damage.

In a crowded parking lot, the risk for injury was already pretty high. Helicopter pilots need at least a 100-by-100-foot or larger area to land. Had the Dairy Queen parking lot been empty at the time, the man probably would have had enough space. However, with moving and parked cars in the way, there likely wasn’t very much wiggle room for the pilot. If the pilot made any mistake in his calculations as he lowered, someone could have been seriously hurt.

The other major risk during the situation had to do with what surrounded the Dairy Queen in Tisdale, SK. According to the RCMP’s news release, “When it landed, the helicopter blew up dust and debris through the area, which includes schools, an aquatic centre and more.”

While a little wind might seem like just a nuisance, it can actually be quite hazardous. Say a street sign had a few loose bolts. That sucker could easily crack a windshield or injure a pedestrian in its path. Not to mention, anyone with an ice cream cone likely got a topping of gravel and dirt sprinkles on their sweet treats.

The avid Dairy Queen fan and helicopter pilot will answer for his crimes at the Saskatchewan Provincial Court in Melfort on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021. Whether he’ll have to reimburse anyone’s gravel-covered cones is yet to be determined.