Casey Anthony Hasn’t Spoken to Brother Since Trial: Here’s Why

by Clayton Edwards

Over a decade ago, the trial of Casey Anthony grabbed headlines across the country as well as around the world. It brought a renewed interest in true crime. At the same time, it left a nation of viewers divided. The jury found Anthony not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee. However, many people still believe that she is guilty. Among those who think that the jury chose incorrectly are members of the accused’s own family.

In fact, many members of Casey Anthony’s family have written her off entirely. Both her brother, Lee, and her father, George, have distanced themselves from her since the trial. In fact, Lee and Casey were never close. A report on Popculture stated that Casey didn’t even invite him to the late Caylee’s birth. About that, Lee said he was angry but unsurprised. “I didn’t want to be there…they didn’t want to include me.”

However, the trial drove the wedge between Lee and Casey Anthony deeper. In fact, they haven’t spoken since the trial which ended on July 5, 2011. There are several reasons for this. Paramount among those is the fact that Lee believes that his sister murdered his niece and got away with it. However, it may have been her defense attorney’s opening statement that made sure the siblings would never speak again.

Casey Anthony’s Defense Alienated Her Family

Jose Baez didn’t just use his opening statements to lay out why Casey Anthony was innocent. He actually accused her father of the murder. At the same time, he accused both Lee and George Anthony of molesting and sexually assaulting both Casey and Caylee for years.

The accusations assured that Casey Anthony would never reconcile with her father or brother. However, to make matters worse, Baez never brought up the accusations again over the course of the trial. He had no proof and didn’t plan to try to build a case against them. Instead, he threw the accusations out as an act of grandstanding in hopes of making the jury sympathetic to Casey’s “plight.”

Later in the trial, Lee made it clear that he did not support Casey Anthony. He took the stand to testify against his sister. A West Palm Beach, Florida ABC affiliate covered that testimony. Terri Parker, the anchor covering the story, broke down what Lee told the court. In doing so, she said that Lee pained Casey Anthony as, “A lying, disturbed, young woman who would only tell him details of Caylee’s whereabouts if he role-played the part of a police officer.” In a clip from that testimony, Lee says that Casey implied that she was purposely keeping her daughter away from the family out of spite. Later, she admitted to him that Caylee was missing.

After learning all of that, it isn’t surprising that Lee and Casey Anthony no longer speak. As for George Anthony, he told True Crime Daily, “I don’t want to see her, I don’t want to talk to her… I actually lost my daughter and my granddaughter in 2008.”