Central US Expected To See Record Heatwave Over Christmas Weekend

by Anna Dunn

It’s definitely not going to be a white Christmas for many in the middle of the United States this year. Many in the Central United States are expected to see a record heatwave. This is right as Christmas weekend rolls around. Many will have to opt for turning up the AC instead of rocking sweaters. And this heatwave is no joke.

“We’re talking daytime highs that are running as much as 25 to even 30 degrees above average,” meteorologist Domenica Davis with Weather.com said in a statement. “This means we’re going to see 80s down to the south on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.”

The heatwave will hit parts of Texas including Dallas and Houston. Meteorologists predict the temperature will hit 84 in Houston and 81 in Dallas. The record highs for these two cities broke in the past few years. Tulsa Oklahoma, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee could all see new record highs today.

Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock and Memphis all stand to match or top the record high for Dec. 25, this Saturday. Highs in the 70s and 80s […], are more typical of early to mid-October,” Brett Anderson, senior meteorologist with Accuweather said in a statement.

This also means Dallas will see elevated fire danger. The city, like many in the southern plains, has seen unusually high temperatures this month with the first 24 days of December running an average 10.8 degrees above the average temperature of 49 degrees. This means the record average temperature for this month is at risk of breaking this month. The record-high average of 53.6 degrees could be shattered, with this month’s average being 59.8 degrees.

Meanwhile, The West Sees Big Storms on Christmas

While the center of the United States is experiencing a heatwave, the parts of the Western side of the country will see some storms. Over 5 feet of snow could accumulate over the Sierra Nevadas. And it’s not just snow that’s a worry. Southern California is at risk of flash floods.

According to The Hill, Global warming heightens the chances of these record high temperatures and atypical storms.

The flash flood situation is especially dangerous for those near bodies of water and wildfire scars. Orange County officials issued evacuation orders for those near the Bond fire burn zone, which remained in effect until yesterday at noon.

For some in the country, it’s really heating up this Christmas. For others, it’s important to use extra caution as storms may be rolling in. But no matter where you are, hopefully, you have a safe holiday weekend!