Chevrolet May Look to Replace Camaro with All-Electric Sedan: Report

by Shelby Scott

Americans love their sports cars, but Chevrolet seems to have fallen behind the pack in sales with their Camaro.

According to a FoxNews report, the rivaling Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger have left the Chevy Camaro in the dust. The news outlet stated that this year saw it outsold by the more expensive Chevrolet Corvette. However, Chevrolet has shared that the Camaro may be followed by a new all-electric performance sedan.

Electric cars are a touchy subject for many sports car enthusiasts. However, we may soon see a new all-electric performance sedan breaking into the Chevy lineup very shortly according to the article. The car market is slowly starting to lean toward an electric and more environmentally friendly economy. Chevy vehicles, and the Camaro in particular, are looking to possibly follow suit into the next developmental generation of cars.

Unfortunately for Chevy Camaro fans, the model’s current lifecycle might end in 2023. Additionally, the article shared there is no guarantee the “Camaro” name will carry over to the electrical Chevy sedan. Nevertheless, car fans can dream.

The rivaling Ford brand has seen success in carrying over the classic “Mustang” name to their Mach-E electric SUV. Another interesting development with the potential creation of the electric Chevy sedan is that it’s shaping up to have four doors. This is a first for the Camaro since its introduction to the market back in 1967.

The Advent of the All-Electric Vehicle

Drivers have been watching gas prices steadily increase over decades. Automobile developers have spent years already in the works at creating and popularizing electric vehicles. We further typically associate the electric car with big names like Tesla.

However, more recognizable brands such as Ford, Chevy, and Dodge are beginning to follow suit. Fossil fuels, and therefore gasoline, are becoming more difficult to access and monetize. Due to this, eventually, drivers will turn to electrically powered cars.

Additionally, we are all familiar with the flammability of gasoline and the fiery stunts pulled off in cinematic car chases. However, electric vehicles are becoming more popular. The car market and consumers both are going to have to begin familiarizing themselves with the dangers that come with owning and driving electric cars as well. One particularly recent example is the recalls GM conducted on their Chevy Bolt EVs.

The Bolts have now seen two recalls within less than 6 months of each other. This proves that electric vehicle manufacturers are still in the process of creating safely performing and more environmentally friendly cars. In the most recent incident, car batteries are catching fire. GM stated they “will replace defective battery models in the recall population.”

Still, the Chevy brand is continuing work on electrifying and readapting the famous Camaro to modern standards. Hopefully, the recalls are fixed and they don’t carry on to the electric sportscar.