Chick-Fil-A Employee Gifts Car to Co-Worker Who Was Riding Bike to Work

by Matthew Wilson

You may have some nice co-workers. But have they ever gifted you a car? This Chick-Fil-A employee decided to help her friend, who was struggling transportation-wise.

Haley Bridges, 17-years-old, works at the local chicken restaurant in Wisconsin. When her chain decided to raffle off a car among other prizes, Bridges knew what she would do with the car if she won. Bridges planned to give it to a co-worker and friend Hokule’a Taniguchi. In fact, all the restaurant’s workers made the same pact.

“It was kinda like the rumor at Chick-fil-A that there’s gonna be a car at the giveaway,” Bridges told Fox News. “We all put [a ticket in] and we’re like, ‘If one of us gets it, it’s gonna go to [Taniguchi], like no matter what.’ It was not a second thought.”

For Taniguchi, getting to work had been an exercise in endurance. The 19-year-old had to ride her bike everyday to Chick-Fil-A because she didn’t own a car. This also wasn’t just a couple city blocks either. The teenager biked almost seven miles one way, also in the dead of winter. After all, Wisconsin isn’t exactly known for its sunshine and warmth.

Speaking with the outlet, Taniguchi said her bike was her only means to get around. So, the teen had to tough it out there in the cold to get to work.

“I was biking here every morning, so it was a little rough,” Taniguchi said. “Because I’m from Hawaii, I was like, ‘It’s kinda cold!’”

The Chick-Fil-A Now Has a Car

If only everyone could have a best friend like Bridges. Taniguchi took Bridges at her word when she promised her the car if she won. Back at Christmas, Bridges took home the grand prize, a white Hyundai. The two teens couldn’t have been more ecstatic about the win.

“I literally screeched, like I stood up, and I ran over to her, and I gave her like the biggest hug!” Taniguchi recalled. “I really just started crying, because I was so happy and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this is real!’”

For the teen, a new car has been a life-changing gift. Now Taniguchi can get around town without having to bike. She thanked her co-worker for being so generous.

“Now I can go grocery shopping, I can like go to work like five minutes before [my shift] now, instead of like two hours earlier, just to get here on time,” Taniguchi said. “There’s a million more opportunities and possibilities for me now.”