Children’s Christmas Performance Ends With Kids Fleeing for Cover as Fireworks Explode

by Hannah Heser

What was supposed to be a special moment for children didn’t quite go as planned. A sudden fire exploded during a school’s Christmas performance sending everyone running for their lives. Yes, Outsiders, a massive explosion interrupted a lovely Christmas show.

Kids and their parents were left with an unexpected surprise. However, the children cheered as the first firework harmlessly went off by thinking it was part of the show.

As time went on, the blasts got larger and more destructive. Parents are screaming, as they’re trying to protect their children from the warzone.

A website posted a recent article with live footage from the tragedy. People were panicking while attempting to find safety away from the explosive fireworks.

This incident occured at a school in Kazakhstan from 2018. The footage showed it happening before the performance began. Children were about ready to sing and dance on stage for their families to enjoy, but sadly didn’t get the chance.

Luckily, no one was seriously harmed in this accident. One report from this recent article said it was similar to a terrorist attack. This is because people were screaming, blocking their ears from the loud noises, keeping their eyes hidden from the bright flashes and ducking for cover all at the same time.

Outside sources are continuously coming up with answers for this. One source thought the school could have been supplied with outdoor fireworks instead of safer indoor special effects.

Will School’s Continue Christmas Performances in 2021?

With the pandemic being such a huge deal the last two years, many people are asking, What will Christmas performances in schools look like this year?’

Parents find joy in watching their children perform as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer or Santa’s little helper at the North Pole. Unfortunately, the idea of packing crowds into a school auditorium is not going to be possible this year with new COVID-19 variants.

One school, for example, has found a way to still put on their Christmas performance this year. They filmed it in advance during the school year and will stream it for the students’ families at the end of the term through the website. However, it’s not as easy for other schools who lack performers.

School’s will provide good music to listen to at home during the holidays, even though their annual christmas performance is canceled.

The station, Classic FM, is the home of Christmas music. Their Christmas playlist is available now on their website here.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. What’s a better way to celebrate than with good ole Christmas music? It always brings out the holiday spirit in everyone, even the Grinch!

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer is probably the best Christmas song for kids. It’s a fun tune to get the little one’s excited for Santa Claus!