‘Christmas Vacation’ Roof Prank Ends With Fire Department Racing to Scene

by Shelby Scott

The Christmas season has seen the advent of all kinds of new decorations over the last several years. And with those creative additions, festive Outsiders nationwide have grown more and more thoughtful with their holiday displays. Now, one “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” style display appeared so convincing that the local fire department showed up. Check out the clip below.

The above clip captures the behind-the-scenes of the lifelike Christmas decoration. It has since gone viral on TikTok, the pair in the video pondering, “Think it’s gonna work?”

The videographer, of course, assures the Christmas robot’s success. However, we’re not sure the inventor intended the decoration to have quite the response it did.

In watching the clip all the way through, viewers can see firetrucks pull up with sirens blaring, first responders unloading to presumably rescue the “victim.”

While the dangling figure’s movements suggest a kind of authenticity in the “Christmas Vacation” themed scene, TMZ also reports the character comes complete with audio. If you listen closely to the clip, it sounds like the recording is calling out for help.

Overall, it definitely creates a certain thrill this close to Christmas Day.

Decoration Safety Remains a Priority for Americans Nationally

Ironically, while the “Christmas Vacation” themed decoration from TikTok has surely given locals quite a shock, it also draws attention to the topic of safety. That said, Fox News reports that holiday decoration safety remains a top priority for many Americans during the Christmas season.

Overall, the fact mostly applies to families with pets and small children, though keeping family members safe during Christmas celebrations is no doubt a concern as a whole.

Now, among all the other stresses that accompany the holiday season, many families reported in a previous survey that Christmas causes them to worry about safety. In fact, OnePoll, conducting the survey on behalf of CanvasPop states 44% of respondents worry about pet and child safety at Christmas.

As per the outlet, the biggest concerns revolve around fire and choking hazards. To prevent any holiday disasters, most families chose not to use fake snow or tinsel. With that, people typically stick with electric Christmas light to keep things simple and safe.

The Best Time To Take Down Holiday Decor

While we’re by no means trying to rush Christmas celebrations, taking down holiday decorations is almost as big of a fiasco as putting them up. With that, Outsiders might be wondering when the best time to pack away the Christmas lights might be.

For us in the northeast, the best time to take down the holiday lights often comes when the ground thaws. If you try to pull that light-up Rudolph out of the ground immediately after Christmas, you can bet his legs have likely frozen into the ground and you risk either a bruise on your behind or a broken reindeer leg.

However, if you’re Kelsea Ballerini than the best time is, simply, never. During a previous promotion for the CMA’s Country Christmas TV special she shared, “We keep our Christmas lights all year.”