Couple Unknowingly Buys House From Hit Christmas Movie, Deals With Surprise Visitors

by Hannah Heser

“The Holiday” fans are in for a treat with a couple recently buying the house that inspired “The Holiday” movie. Although, they didn’t realize it would bring visitors to their doorstep.

A little research could have gone a long way for this UK couple.

This house can be seen in the United Kingdom. While fans of the Christmas classic continue to stop by and ask questions, the couple may be starting to regret their purchase. Buying a new house should be something to celebrate with close friends and family, not with complete randoms.

The Story Behind the Famous House

First of all, the couple, Jon and Cressida Bromley, celebrate a new beginning in their new home. Although, they’re not the only ones joining in on this celebration.

According to Fox News, “researchers from the studio found the house and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, the location was too isolated to bring the cast and crew into it.”

As a result, the studio built a house that looks similar to this one on the set. And this brings a lot of questions from fans to the new owners of the original house. But does the couple even have the answers for them?

In an interview with Fox News, Jon Bromley explains all of the emotions he and his wife have with this new house.

They report Mr. Bromley saying, “I came to see it on my own to begin with and just literally fell in love with it straight away. Just everything was beautiful, such as low ceilings, it’s beamed and a massive inglenook fireplace with a log burner in it.”

He also mentioned that a few days later it appeared in a Country Life article.

“The inspiration for ‘The Holiday’ cottage is back on the market,” Fox News said the article stated. And just by the sound of those words, Jon and his wife didn’t know how to feel about this. I can only imagine the thoughts running through their minds while reading that statement.

Fox News shares a photograph of the couple holding their dog. They’re looking happier than ever standing in front of what is now their new life.

Besides the many visitors they get every once in a while, the Bromley family really enjoys living here.