Danny Trejo Condemns Violence Against Police Heading into 2020 Presidential Election

by Chris Haney

During a recent interview, actor Danny Trejo condemned attacks against police officers and begged those thinking of committing similar acts against law enforcement to reconsider.

The actor, 76, says that the recent violence directed towards on-duty police officers sickens him. Trejo joins many that are worried about further violence following Tuesday’s presidential election results. In fact, many businesses have boarded up their storefront windows in preparation for possible civil unrest.

Trejo touched on L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Claudia Apolinar, one of two deputies wounded in a shooting ambush in Compton on September 12. The actor spoke about how much he admired Apolinar for saving her partner’s life, even though she was struck by gunshots, as well.

“She’s badass – she’s got bigger balls than anybody I know,” he commended Apolinar.

The star of “Machete” said that not everyone shares his opinion. The actor owns Trejo’s Tacos and took food to the wounded deputies and their families after the incident. However, some people went as far as asking him why he fed the police.

“What’re you kidding? People don’t understand, man. We’re all in this together,” Trejo explained. “It’s not like police (versus) Mexican (versus) African American… not anymore. First of all, we’re fighting viruses now, we’re not fighting a human being. We gotta figure out how to weed out the bad.”

In addition, he says the Compton ambush shouldn’t be supported by anyone. He even believes true gangsters would condemn the actions since it would only bring more attention their way.

“Not because they are so community-oriented, but because it brings heat,” the actor said. “This ambush, all it did was bring heat — more heat — on the Black community. How much more heat can you get?”

Trejo Would Welcome a Conversation With President Trump

Trejo is known for his history previous to becoming a successful actor. He was in and out of jail during his younger years. From his experiences, he insists that the shooter would gain no street credibility for a cowardly attack like the Compton ambush.

“When I was doing wrong, I knew I had an ass-whoopin’ coming, and I took it,” said Trejo. “And for a couple of things I did, I probably had a killing coming, but by the grace of God… All the stuff I went through, I still wouldn’t lay an ambush on a mother and a 24-year-old.”

It may surprise some, but Trejo considers himself an environmentalist of sorts. Along with issues of race and violence against police, he is also very concerned about the well-being of the planet. The actor says everyone needs to find common ground and work together, because “basically right now we’re all on the Titanic looking for a good seat.”

Trejo did not give an official endorsement to any particular presidential candidate during the interview. Yet, he emphasized a couple of the vital issues he’s looking for out of a candidate. He said anyone that knows him knows he’s a huge supporter of the environment and law enforcement.

Furthermore, he would “absolutely” take a meeting with Donald Trump if he is re-elected. But, he would only speak with Trump “if he wants to listen.”

“The problem is our administration hasn’t been listening,” Trejo said of the Trump administration. “They won’t even listen to the scientists who are saying hey 5,000 people a day are dying. Everybody keeps saying ‘well we’re just turning the corner’ — that’s an awful wide 5,000 people a day corner.”

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