Dashcam Video Shows Police Officer Going Above & Beyond to Help Elderly Man During Traffic Stop

by Matthew Memrick

A stressful traffic stop caught on dashcam video showed a police officer’s mercy toward an old Michigan man having a bad day.

The police officer felt moved to help the man after pulling him over for speeding on Sept. 30. The stop turned into a visit hours later to set up new TV at his house.

Sterling Heights Police Department officer Kevin Coates pulled over the man, and his police cruiser’s dashcam caught the exchange between Coates and a 79-year-old man named David.

You hear stories about this all the time with cops helping men tie neckties before job interviews. But this was one moment where a human helped another human in a moment of distress with kind results.

Showing Compassion

The police officer tries to figure out the situation and the man’s state of mind in the video.

“Everything’s going wrong,” a visibly distraught David said.

The man tears up, telling the officer about his wife’s poor health and adult son’s mental illness. David explains he bought a TV to hook up for his wife, but he was having difficulties with the setup.

The man said he usually drives better, but the TV’s got him stressed out. He bought the TV, but searching for the proper audiovisual cables was too much with several stops across town. According to Fox 2, the patient officer asked if he tried plugging the cable into the back of the TV. 

Then, the cop has a good idea.

Coates feels for the man, letting him off with a warning for speeding. Then, he tells the man he’ll come by later to set up the TV.

A Kind Act By The Police

An hour later, Coates came to the man’s home with two police officers, Remi Verougstraete, and recruit Jeremy Jaushevich, for the TV setup. It was a teachable moment for the new cop.

They also showed him how to navigate the channels.

Why three officers? Coates explained he wasn’t technically adept in setting up televisions and wanted backup from the other two.

Released bodycam video caught David telling the officer, “I appreciate you.”

Praise For The Police Help

Sterling Heights Police Department Lt. Mario Bastianelli praised the men for doing an “outstanding job.” 

He acknowledged that setting up televisions are not usually part of an officer’s job, but helping citizens is part of the day-to-day duties.

Bastianelli told Fox News that the world “needs a little bit more acts of kindness” like his men displayed.

“It was a great showing of a lot of [what] law enforcement does across the nation day-to-day that doesn’t get publicized,” he said.

The lieutenant also expressed his proud feelings for the officer’s desire to step “outside the box” and go beyond what “they normally do to help our citizens.”