Dixie Beer Unveils New ‘Unifying’ Name

by Suzanne Halliburton

Looking for a can of ice-cold Dixie Beer? Starting early next year, it’ll be called “Faubourg.”

The New Orleans brewery announced the name change this week. Faubourg is a French word. Loosely translated it means neighborhood.

Gayle Benson, the majority owner of the brewery, said the new name “is a tribute to the diverse neighborhoods of New Orleans.”

Benson also owns the NFL’s New Orleans Saints and the NBA’s Pelicans.

Benson said this summer the brewery’s name would change its name, while conducting more conversations about race.

The concern was that the name Dixie Beer had too close of an association with the Civil War and the Confederacy.

In a statement to the media, Benson said: “When my husband and I acquired the majority interest in Dixie Beer in 2016, we recognized that we were investing in more than a brewery, we were investing in a strong and resilient community

“When the team embarked upon this journey in June, we understood that our new name must encompass the spirit and diversity of all of New Orleans’ unique neighborhoods. The Faubourg Brewing Company is a celebration of our city, our people, and our commitment to New Orleans. Our investments in New Orleans East will continue, and bringing jobs and economic opportunity to our community will remain at the forefront.”

Benson said Dixie Beer name change will ‘resonate’ with city’s 73 neighborhoods

The brewery has been in business since 1907.

Brewery manager Jim Birch told Fox News that the feedback for the name change was positive.

“Our team is very excited,” Birch said. “It’s a milestone we wanted to inform the public of. New Orleans is a city of 73 neighborhoods, so we think ‘Faubourg’ will resonate.”

He said the brewery received more than 5,000 suggestions for the name change

The brewery asked the public for name suggestions. And Birch said they received more than 5,400 pitches. The people who asked for Faubourg get a VIP tour of the brewery.