Dock on Tennessee Lake Collapses on Houseboats in Freezing Water: Report

by Will Shepard

A dock on a Tennessee lake has collapsed today, February 17. The Nashville Fire Department is responding to a call about the roof of a boat dock collapsing.

The Fire Department got several calls from people about a roof collapsing on Old Hickory Lake this evening. There are fears that there might be people inside the boats in the building.

However, as of now, it is unclear whether or not anyone is hurt or in the water because of the roof collapsing. This Tennessee lake is a popular place for people to spend their leisure time. So, there could be people inside the boat dock. The call came into the Fire Department about an hour ago.

The Roof of a Boat Dock on a Tennessee Lake Collapses

The crews responding to the calls about the dock roof collapse were in a precarious situation. Reports are coming in that because of the location, the crews couldn’t immediately get to the boat dock when they got to the scene.

A spokeswoman for the Nashville Fire Department, Kendra Loney, says that the dock was extremely icy. This means that the water is likely hovering around freezing. Thus, it is endangering anyone who is inside the boat dock.

“This is an active scene. Crews are working intensely to access the area and determine the extent of damage, as well as if there are patients.”

Because of the inability to access the dock, the Fire Department has to call in other means of rescue. So, there are boats on the way with divers to get inside the dock. Additionally, rescue crews are setting up ropes to get down into the boat dock.

The frigid water of the Tennessee Lake is potentially endangering anyone inside of the boat dock. But crews are working quickly. Hopefully, the crews working on this can free the roof of the boat dock collapse and rescue anyone inside.

This is an ongoing situation, so keep up to date on it by following the Tennessean.