Does This Google Maps Image Show a ‘Crashed UFO’ in Antarctica?

by Clayton Edwards

One YouTuber is conjuring memories of John Carpenter’s The Thing with his latest find. Scott Waring is pretty sure he found a UFO hidden in Antarctica. He made the startling discovery while exploring the polar continent using Google Maps.

Waring found the suspected UFO in the southern region of Antarctica. He shared his findings on his YouTube channel, UFO Sightings Today. On December, 17th, Waring posted a video of what appears to be a 40-meter-wide disc at the center of a heart-shaped crater.

Google Maps Reveals a Possible UFO in Antarctica

In the video, Waring discussed the UFO that he found in Antarctica, “Guys, I found this today and it’s just blowing my mind…I think this is the big one guys, the real deal.” However, Waring tempered his excitement with some concern. He added, “I imagine that soon after I release this video, some government somewhere will go and retrieve it.”

The 40-meter-wide disc isn’t the only thing that grabbed Waring’s eye. The UFO he spotted in Antarctica sits at the center of a heart-shaped crater. He thinks that the disc may have created the crater when it crashed. Then again, he thinks it is possible that the crater’s shape was intentional. About that, he said, “Wow, and it’s in a heart-shaped break in the ice, which really makes me wonder. Did they do that on purpose for the fun of it?”

One thing that Waring is sure of is that Antarctica is the perfect place to hide a downed UFO. “It’s the perfect hiding place for an alien ship,” he said of the polar continent. “No one will ever wander past it or hike near it or even sail near it. It’s just the perfect location for a UFO to hide.” The real question Waring has is, “Which government is going to get their hands on this baby first?”

Weighing in on Waring’s Find

The video above show’s what Waring and many others believe is a UFO on Antarctica. He found the crater and the disc inside at 74°35’37.57″S 164°54’28.90″E. If you go to Google Maps and enter the coordinates, you can see it for yourself. You’ll need to zoom in quite a bit. But, when you get close enough to see the crater and its contents, the disc will be just to the right of the red pin. Additionally, the crater is just northeast of Zucchelli Station, an Italian research station.

We’ve covered several alleged UFO sightings in the past couple of weeks and this Antarctica find is the most compelling. It could be a round pool of water. However, its coloring doesn’t match that of any surrounding water. Additionally, it seems odd that a perfect disc shape would form naturally in the center of a crater like that. Waring could be right. This could be “the big one.”