Dog Shoots Texas Man in Leg After Paw Becomes Lodged in Trigger

by Will Shepard

Although it may come as a surprise, this news is not coming out of Florida. Nevertheless, a Texas man was shot in the thigh by his dog, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

At any rate, the Plano, Texas man is not in critical condition despite the bullet entering his leg. As a rule of thumb, it is incredibly important to keep guns locked away. Indeed, one state – Massachusettes – legally requires guns kept in a safe, and locked away.

The Dallas News first reported on the story offering a quick snippet to its readers. “Gun owners know about keeping their weapons away from children. But dogs? Well, that’s also a good idea too”.

Ever Heard Of Gun Safety?

Apparently, this gun owner doesn’t have a dog who respects the gun safety rules. And consequently, the Plano Police Department had some fun with this news and posted about it to their Facebook page:

“Imagine… a paw gets lodged in the trigger [of your gun] and fires the weapon, sending a bullet into and through your thigh“. As After poking fun at the accident, the Police Department set down some gun carrying rules. They encourage all gun owners to practice gun safety by following these guidelines:

– “When you are carrying your firearm, make sure you have a holster that is safe and protects the trigger from any inadvertent discharges.

– “When you are not carrying your firearm, store it in a gun safe or other locking device to keep them out of the hands of others.

– “Always assume the weapon is loaded and treat it as such.

– “Keep your finger off the trigger until the weapon is ready to be fired.

– Practice, practice, practice. Know your weapon, how and when to use it, and be a smart and responsible gun owner.”

Poor guy. Surely through your laughter, send him some well wishes.

[H/T Dallas News]