Dog the Bounty Hunter Gets ‘Immediately Passed’ on by Big Network for Potential Brian Laundrie Manhunt Show

by Kati Kuuseoks

Since the very beginning of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s insertion into the hunt for Brian Laundrie, strong opinions gripped the news. Shortly thereafter, Dog also announced his plans to return to the world of television. This didn’t really help his cause much, drawing in even more backlash from the public. Although he repeatedly addresses all the criticisms and asks fans not to give them any weight, that fanbase might be dwindling.

Dog’s relationship with the officials on the case has been iffy at best. Initially, he even refused to share any tips or leads with them. More recent reports say there’s been a change in his cooperation, though. Still, the internet continues to hound him, even making a controversial SNL skit with his persona go viral. Some of his own family might even be happy to hear that a major network just “immediately passed” over Dog for a potential show regarding the Brian Laundrie manhunt. Here’s what we know.

A&E Snubs Dog the Bounty Hunter

Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter will remember a time when the personality starred in several series hosted by A&E. His late wife Beth Chapman often joined him and the shows detailed their experiences together in the world of criminal pursuits. Now, Dog’s relationship with the network is equally as strained as his relationship with some of his own daughters. His shows faced cancellation after severe backlash for repeated comments from the star that the public deemed insensitive and problematic.

Still, something compelled Dog to reach out to the network after starting his search for Brian Laundrie at Florida’s De Soto campsite. The thing is, A&E apparently couldn’t care less. An insider reportedly told TheWrap that the network declined all of Dog’s pitches for a new show regarding the manhunt.

An official spokesperson for A&E declined to comment on the matter. Several other networks that share some history with Dog the Bounty Hunter did the same. These networks include CMT as well as WGN America. The latter network is now under a different name: NewsNation.

The Search for Brian Laundrie Stays Muddled

As the search for Brian Laundrie continues, the details surrounding the investigation stay muddled and confusing. Although a hiker recently came forward with an interaction he believes to have involved Brian, no official comment from the authorities exists concerning the lead yet.

Another dynamic obscuring the case involves the family dynamic between Brian Laundrie’s parents and his sister, Cassie. While Dog the Bounty Hunter accused the entire family of corroborating something behind the scenes, Cassie recently told the public that her parents aren’t actually talking to her at all. The thing is, some of her comments seem to contradict what the Laundrie family lawyer, Steven Bertolino, says. For this reason, the public finds it hard to take her word on anything at the moment.

As for now, the leads surrounding Brian’s whereabouts seem to aim at the same three locations of note from the last couple of weeks: the Carlton Reserve, the De Soto campgrounds, and possibly the Appalachian Trail.