Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Makes ‘Appreciation Post’ Amid Manhunt: ‘My Dad Is a Superhero’

by Kati Kuuseoks

Dog the Bounty Hunter continues his search for Brian Laundrie, but there may be some rough waters ahead. Mid-search this week, he received some not-so-friendly mail with a hefty price tag. Actually, he discovered a $1.3 million lawsuit against him relating to some of his more controversial acts of the past. This comes just after his stepdaughter went public with some pretty inflammatory comments of her own.

Still, in the past, he said the following: “There is 3 percent of people saying bad things out of 100 percent, so I don’t look at that ever, never have.” And at the end of the day, he still has some family by his side to drown out critics. Dog’s daughter Lyssa continues to be one of his biggest supporters. She recently took to Twitter to offer up an “appreciation post” for her dad, calling him a “superhero.”

Lyssa Chapman Stays Vocal In Her Support for Dog the Bounty Hunter Dad

Lyssa Chapman joined her dad in the search for Brian Laundrie to help gather leads and run intel. Since her involvement, she has maintained that the search is valid and promising. She also jumps to defend her father whenever she can. Her latest post pays homage to that fact. She shares a picture of Dog the Bounty Hunter in his full get-up and says she’s proud to call him her father.

She also uses her social media accounts to keep people in the loop with the duo’s findings. With all of the reported Laundrie spottings, Lyssa recently shared what “distinct features” people should keep an eye out for. You can read more about them here.

As of 15 hours ago, she says that Dog the Bounty Hunter and she are very much still on the case. They plan to stay in Florida, although past leads did hint at a departure to the Appalachian Trail. She seems to occasionally touch base with the Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, as seen by this text exchange. Still, no breaking news quite yet. At one point yesterday, Lyssa Chapman did tease “Big News” to be revealed today. However, the tweet is no longer viewable and has since been deleted.

‘I Love My Dad’

It seems nothing can get in the way of this duo’s bond. She often shares snaps of her father from their filming days and the captions are usually quite affectionate. Here’s a throwback that involves her “hero” and her baby. She shared it with her 302k followers some time ago, many of who commented about the family’s tight-knit relationship in support.