Donald Trump Fires Shots at Jon Bon Jovi Over Biden Support

by Thad Mitchell

President Donald Trump, appearing in his final campaign rally before election day, took shots at two music industry icons.

Trump held the rally in Pennsylvania just hours before election day was officially here. Pennsylvania is considered to be a “swing” state, making the president’s appearance all the more important. While he strongly encourages the audience to have faith and vote, he also had things to say about artists Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga.

Both Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga have thrown their support in for the democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Both have also put on performances in support of Biden and Harris. The president had harsh words for the 58-year-old rocker, according to Fox News.

“Every time I see him, he kisses my a**,” Trumps tells the crowd at his rally of his relationship with Bon Jovi. Trump went on to imitate the way Bon Jovi addresses him, saying in a mocking tone, “Oh, oh, Mr. President.”

Trump Takes Aim at Lady Gaga

Trump then took aim at Lady Gaga, who was recently with Biden at a campaign rally. While speaking on the talented singer and actress and her support of his opponent, the president claims to have a scoop on Lady Gaga but did not go into specifics.

“Now he has got Lady Gaga,” he proclaims. “Lady Gaga is not too good. I could tell you plenty of stories. I could tell you stories about Lady Gaga.”

Gaga was recently seen with Biden wearing a COVID-19 mask with the word “VOTE” on it.

The president, seeking another four years in the white house, didn’t stop his celebrity roasting with Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga. He also reportedly called out NBA Finals MVP Lebron James and entertainment power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce for their support of the democratic party.

H/T: People