Doritos Brings Back Fan-Favorite Flavor for Limited Time

by Katie Maloney

Doritos is bringing back one of its most popular limited-time flavors, and it’s kind of a big dill.

Chips are a great summertime snack. Chips are also the perfect back-to-school snack. They’re also the perfect binge-watching snack when winter weather gets bad. In conclusion, we are all about chips all year round. And Doritos knows that. This is why it’s delivering two limited-edition flavors this month just in time for the transition between summer and autumn.

The first flavor is a new one, Tangy Ranch. According to a press release, Tangy Ranch is a “delicious combination of the classic Doritos crunch paired with the savory tastes of ranch seasoning. Perfect for the adventurous snacker, this exciting new flavor fuses the familiar with the unique to offer Doritos fans the bold taste they have been searching for.”

Along with newcomer Tangy Ranch, Doritos is also bringing back a fan-favorite flavor, Tangy Pickle. The flavor is salty, pickle-y, and tangy – who could ask for anything else in a chip? Tangy Pickle debuted last summer and was met with rave reviews from fans. So, now it’s back for a limited time. As of Monday, both flavors are available at most grocery stores. But if you can’t find the chips at your local store, you can order a few bags at

Doritos Is Celebrating Tangy Pickle With A Giveaway

What better way to celebrate the relaunch of a fan-favorite flavor than with a giveaway? Well, that’s exactly what Doritos is doing. The company is celebrating with a social media contest on Monday, Aug. 9. Fans can enter on Doritos’ Instagram page to win a limited-edition branded boombox kit. The kit features a bag of Doritos Tangy Pickle in retro packaging, a Bluetooth speaker, and ’90s-themed swag.

Want More Chips?

Chips on chips on chips! The people have spoken, they want more chips. And brands are listening. Lays recently announced its latest inception-like chip flavors, Doritos Cool Ranch and Funyuns. You heard that right – Lays is creating both a Doritos flavored chip and a Funyuns flavored chip. All our childhood lunch dreams are coming true!

Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch will be offered in its traditional chip form but it will be covered in the zesty ranch seasoning Doritos fans have come to love. Lay’s Wavy Funyuns Onion will be ridged to make the chip more dippable. Both limited-time flavors are in stores now.

In a hilarious post about the limited-time flavor, the company wrote that the flavor is “for everyone who loves Doritos Cool Ranch but was like ‘dang I wish these also tasted like potato.'”

So, chip lovers, what are you waiting for? Go grab all these flavors and have a chip taste-testing dinner!