Election 2020: Amanda Knox Jokes Next 4 Years ‘Can’t Be As Bad’ As Her Time in Italy

by Caroline Bynum

Amanda Knox, an American woman who spent four years in an Italian prison for a murder conviction, is going viral as the 2020 Election results come in. A (poorly-received) joke comparing America’s next four years to her four years studying-abroad in Italy has propelled Knox to headlines again.

Her joke is undoubtedly referring to the 2007 murder investigation and prison sentence amidst the controversy and calamity of the 2020 U.S. election. Twitter users are far from amused with her attempt to lighten the severity of a woman’s brutal murder and the country’s political turmoil, though.

Amanda Knox Racks in Replies of Disgust

Some users replied in shock at the sheer disrespect as well as the inappropriate nature of the post. The lack of respect towards her slain roommate has earned Knox many critics, as a result.

Similarly, some see this as an attempt by Amanda Knox to grasp the spotlight once more.

Similarly, this user rhetorically asks who in their right mind would attempt to stay “relevant” in this way.

This user also agrees the post is an attempt at gaining attention, calling Amanda Knox a “narcissistic sociopath.”

Italian Twitter Users Also Share Their Frustration

Some of the highest-liked replies are written by Italians frustrated with the disrespect towards Italy and the slain woman, though. Users from both America and Italy, the country in which she spent her time, are full of shock with the joke’s poor taste.

One tweet reads, “But rinse your mouth before talking about Italy.”

Another, with nearly 4k ‘likes,’ translates to “They could be worse, yes. They could be similar to the conclusion of Meredith’s years of study in Italy.”

Comments Discuss Other Issues of The 2020 Election

While at the same time, some argue in the comments, bringing in social justice issues. One user says this is an example of “white privilege on steroids,” while another user comments in defense of Amanda Knox.


Amanda Knox has not posted to acknowledge the backlash following the now-viral tweet. Soon after the controversial tweet, Knox retweeted a post about Oregon’s decriminalization of all drugs. Her account has since been silent.