English Man Ends Up With WWII Ammunition Lodged in Rectum, Gets Bomb Squad Called

by Michael Freeman

They always say proctologists have the most interesting stories and after hearing about a recent incident, you might be inclined to agree. Last Thursday, an English man had the bomb squad called after it was discovered a piece of WWII ammunition was lodged in his rectum.

You cannot make this up. An anonymous man told doctors in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital he “slipped and fell” on a 17cm by 6cm armor-piercing projectile from his military collectable arsenal. The Sun reports it was later identified as a WWII 57mm shell typically fired from anti-tank guns. This fact scared Army explosives experts who were called in. The reason? They feared the round could be live and about to explode.

Police responded to “a report that a patient had presented with a munition in his rectum,” The Sun stated. Medical professionals quickly removed it before the police arrived. Nevertheless, this led to the Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team showing up. Luckily for the man, a defense source stated it was just an “inert lump of metal.”

A source close to The Sun told the outlet the unnamed man found the shell among his WWII collection. Apparently, he put it on the floor, “then he slipped and fell on it – and it went up his a–.”

The Sun doctor, Carol Cooper, gave her own expertise, saying if the shell pierced his gut, he would have died. “The range of objects that are pushed into rectums is incredible, from wine glasses to ketchup bottles and parts of hoovers,” she discussed. “Sadly, it is an everyday occurrence in A&E — but I have never heard of the bomb squad being called out before.”

The hospital released the man and he is expected to make a full recovery. Here’s hoping he doesn’t “slip” on any more pieces of weaponry.

100-Year-Old WWII Veteran Gifted Nearly 800 Birthday Cards

On a slightly more upbeat WWII note, a Texas veteran hoped to get 100 cards for her birthday but got much more. At the end of the day, she ended up with nearly 800 of them.

Claudia Cantu turned 100 in October. Fox News spoke to Christine, her daughter, who said she got the card idea from a poker group friend. Originally, the friend suggested 100 cards, but The Texas General Land Office, a local TV station, saw the story and helped spread the word.

“It’s been amazing,” Christine said about the support. “For me, it’s been a lot of fun. I’m sure she’s tired.” The cards arrived from all over the country, and even places like Alaska and Canada. Though Claudia didn’t think she deserved so much attention, her daughter disagreed. Mentioning her legacy as a mother and grandmother, this gesture was the least that could be done for her.