Entire Tennessee Town Up for Sale and the Price is Less Than You’d Think

by Jon D. B.

Alright, Outsiders. Let’s pull our money together and we can own the entire bygone Tennessee town, Water Valley, for a startlingly small amount.

Water Valley. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? If you’re a born-and-raised Tennessean like this Outsider, then the photos going viral online today will look familiar. Water Valley looks like many other sleepy little towns in the Volunteer State. Unlike most, however, this one’s up for sale – and for far less than you’d think.

For less than $1 million, you could own an entire town in Tennessee. That’s right, Water Valley is up for sale by a state realtor for the low price of $725,000.

Don’t expect a sprawling metropolis, though. “Town” is apt here, but only to a certain point. All of Water Valley comes in at 7-acres, which is the size of a typical private lot in rural Middle Tennessee. What WV lacks in size, however, it makes up for ten-fold in charm.

This lovely little town lies around 50 miles southwest of Nashville, and listing agent Christa Swartz describes it as a “sleepy little jewel of a leftover town from 100 years ago.”

“The most activity you typically will find might be a few cows in the road,” Swartz says of the town.

“Schools of fish in the clear bottomed Leiper’s Creek that flows through the middle of things, or perhaps on Friday nights when everyone gathers at the local community center for live music and country dances,” are other highlights. Talk about a Tennessee dream.

Water Valley, Tennessee is a ‘Step back in Time’ You Could Own for Less Than $1 Million

“It is like a step back in time and besides the compelling signs telling me I need to buy Vicks Vap-o-Rub or a Grape Soda, or Snuff, there is something more compelling about the feel of time slowed down and quiet enough to hear the crickets and birds and important things in life,” Swartz continues.

The sale is picking up such steam that Inside Edition is running an entire expose on Water Valley. In their footage, they compare the town’s listing to the plot of popular sitcom Schitt’s Creek:

“We’ve had a couple calls from Hollywood asking if they might buy the whole town to use a movie set,” Swartz tells the outlet. She and the sellers of Water Valley, however, hope it maintains its Tennessee roots.

The town was one of the first settlements founded in Maury County, TN. There, Maury’s earliest marked grave can be found, marked for the year 1808.

As for getting your $725,000 worth – which is the cost of a large home alone in East Nashville, Water Valley comes complete with “four pre-1900 general stores, a barn, and the most beautiful frontage along Leiper’s Creek.”

The state Water Valley remains in, however, means that $725,000 sum should only be considered an initial investment. Two of the buildings have updated wiring and plumbing, Swartz cites, but the rest – well, now that’s to be a real fixer-upper.

All those in favor of Dolly Parton buying and restoring Water Valley, Say I.