Eric Trump Blown Up on Twitter After Users Find Wisconsin Recount Tweet from 2016

by Jon D. B.

Eric Trump is suffering Twitter’s wrath after a 2016 election tweet of his is resurfacing. Trump shared an article saying a Wisconsin recount “cost the lives of 5,000 children.”

Twitter is brutal. The typical responder is quicker to condemn a post they loathe than praise one they love. As a result, those in the political spotlight often times find their own tweets coming back to haunt them. Today, Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, is discovering this harsh reality.

For Trump, the tweet in question has resurfaced from December of 2016. Within, he claims “The Sad Truth: The Cost Of Stein/Clinton’s #Wisconsin Vote Recount Could Have Saved At Least 5,000 Children’s Lives.”

How is this possible? The link Trump sources is an intense opinion piece from you’ll have to read for yourself.

Eric Trump Blasted Over Contradicting Tweet

The meat of the opinion-piece article Eric Trump cites, from back in 2016, claims:

“The Daily Caller just tweeted that the first day of the Wisconsin recount yielded a net gain of exactly 1 vote for Hillary Clinton. As best as I can tell, there is a bipartisan consensus that this recount has virtually no chance of reversing the outcome in that state. I’ll let others make the case that this recount effort is ‘irresponsible and unwarranted.’

“What I want readers to consider is the opportunity cost of this apparently $3.5 million investment in recounting votes.

“It turns out that Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton could have saved the lives of at least 5,000 children had they invested in malaria prevention efforts rather than recounting presidential votes.

“It’s obviously not my place to lecture any presidential candidate about how to spend the hard-earned funds of those who donated to their campaign. But the next time you are[ in] a debate with a progressive vehemently defending the necessity and importance of this recount effort, ask them this: was it really  worth the  lives of 5,000 children?”

Trump Tweet Causes Explosive Twitter Responses

Aside from the article’s clear basis in its author’s opinion, Trump cites it as fact in 2016 to his followers. Twitter, however, is beyond unforgiving.

Fast forward to 2020, and Trump’s family’s bid for Donald’s reelection has them calling for recounts in Wisconsin and other states.

As a result, Twitter has dug up Eric’s statement to use against him. And it is brutal.

Eric Trump has yet to comment on his 2016 tweet amidst the 2020 Presidential Election.

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