Family of Fallen Police Officer Make Emotional Christmas Statement

by Quentin Blount

The family of fallen Baltimore police officer Keona Holley spoke out on Christmas Eve after she was removed from life support.

Law enforcement arrested two suspects, 31-year-old Elliot Knox and 32-year-old Travon Shaw, following a Dec. 16 shooting that left Baltimore police officer Keona Holley in critical condition. This past Thursday, however, Holley passed away after being removed from life support.

Holley’s sister, Lawanda Skyes, made a comment to FOX 45 Baltimore about the violent crime in the city. Baltimore has a population of approximately 583,000 people. Just this year, there has been a recorded total of 331 homicides and 710 shootings so far this year.

“Something has to be done about it,” said Skyes. “Whether it comes from our politicians or police department, whatever, no matter what. But, the message has to go to the person who’s picking up the gun.”

She says that her sister had a lot of love to give. And the people who committed this heinous act? They did not.

“Everybody does not have or was given the love that my sister had, and maybe that was missing from them.”

As for Holley’s mother, Karen Eaddy, Christmas won’t be the same this year. Despite the circumstances, she wished everyone a Merry Christmas. In addition, she noted that she still considers the holiday to be “merry” thanks to her grandchildren. The 39-year-old Holley was a mother of four.

“I may not have my child but I have my grandchildren,” Eaddy said. “So, I have to lift myself up and lift them up to have Christmas without their mom.”

Baltimore Police Commissioner and Mayor Speak Out

Officer Keona Holley was on her regular duty during the morning of Dec. 16 when the two men fired inside her vehicle. That information came directly from Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Michael Harrison.

“Our prayers are with Officer Holley’s family and loved ones, co-workers, and the entire community,” he said. “I thank her and the entire [Baltimore Police Department] community for their commitment, service, and sacrifice. We mourn Officer Holley’s death together and we will heal together.”

Meanwhile, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott issued a statement on Thursday as well.

“Baltimore will never forget Officer Holley’s sacrifice and commitment to making a difference in her beloved city.”

If you would like to donate to help Holley’s family, the Signal 13 Foundation can help you do just that. It’s a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to police personnel who are experiencing some kind of hardship. Nancy Hinds, CEO of Signal 13 Foundation, said they have raised more than $36,000.

“The volume is nothing that Signal 13 has seen before,” Hinds said. “All donations that are made to us, we are the conduit and we will make sure that they get to the family.”