Final Transmission Before Plane Crash in California Neighborhood Released

by Brianna Vacca

The final moments just before a small plane crashed into a house in Southern California on Monday have been released. The audio between the So Cal Tower and the plane caught air traffic control saying to “climb now.”

A small town in California is still reeling from a devastating plane crash just 20 miles outside of San Diego. At least two people were killed when a small Cessna plane crashed into a Southern California house near Santana High School in Santee, California, right outside of San Diego. It’s unsure how many people were onboard the plane. New developments are still emerging. However, we know that the plane was heading from Montgomery Field in San Diego to Yuma, Arizona.

KUSI News in San Diego released the audio on Monday night. A few different voices from the airplane pilots can be vaguely heard saying right before the plane crash, “looks like you’re descending. Make sure you’re climbing, not descending. I need to hear it.”

The voice returned, stating, “Climb now. Climb the plane, maintain 5000, soar and climb the plane. You look like you’re descending again, sir. What is your altitude?”

KUSI News then cut the audio of the crash.

A Hurt Community

Authorities made their way to the scene around 12:30 PT as Firefighters also were at the scene. Black smoke filled the sky above the houses where the Cessna 340A crashed. Deputy fire chief of Santi, Justin Matsushita, says that it’s unlikely that someone will be found alive from the crash.

UPS has shared that a company employee has been killed. Additionally, UPS shared, “We are deeply saddened by the broken heart of an employee and extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. We also express our condolences to the other individuals involved in this incident and their families and friends.”

Shortly after the crash, Santee High School announced a “Secure Campus” lockdown while local authorities secured the scene. Later on in the day, the status was lifted. Santee High School has confirmed that all of its students are safe.

Newlywed Couple Loses Home

A newlywed couple, Cody and Courtney, just finished remodeling their new home when the Cessna 340A crashed into the Santee neighborhood on Monday afternoon. They lost their house and all of their possessions. Miraculously, the newlywed couple was both at work when the accident occurred, sparing their lives.

Breana King, sister of one of the homeowners, says, “They just finished remodeling yesterday. Obviously relief, they are both okay, their dog is okay, but overall, it’s traumatic. It could have been different, and we’re just really lucky.”

A GoFundMe has been created as the couple will have to rebuild again from the ground up.