Former Olympic Snowboarder Accused of Staging a Plane Crash for YouTube Video

by Kati Michelle

The controversial trial of Jussie Smollett recently ended up with the disgraced actor facing a conviction for lying to police about a hate crime nearly three years ago. And now in a case that draws some parallels, a former Olympic snowboarder is also facing some serious accusations.

Trevor Jacob is accused of faking the plane crash he says he experienced earlier this week. People think he created the situation as a bid to increase the views (and monetization) of his YouTube channel. They cite his new business venture as a potential motive.

Was This a Publicity Stunt for the Former Olympic Snowboarder’s Adventure Company?

Here’s the video in question if you wanted to check it out. Ridge Wallet sponsors the video which shows the former Olympic snowboarder flying a 1940 Taylorcraft plane. He says he is headed to Mammoth Lakes, California to snowboard, paraglide, and spread the ashes of his late best friend.

Right after the takeoff montage, however, the aircraft’s engine allegedly cuts out. At this point, Jacob addresses one of his three cameras and says he has to jump. Already wearing a skydiving harness and parachute, he exits the plane on camera as it crashes into the terrain below. The vlog then continues for several minutes including footage of the former Olympic snowboarder driving to Mammoth to scatter the ashes and paraglide.

Take a look:

Viewers seem to have a lot of issues with the whole thing. Especially given Jacob’s ties to “Adventured.”

Jacob competed in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia representing the US Olympic Team but now works for the “Adventured” company. Essentially, it’s an online platform that offers users extreme excursions. Some examples of these include learning to shoot with a Navy SEAL or skydiving with Trevor Jacob.

Some other things that raise suspicions include the fact that Jacob was already fitted with a parachute, the presence of three different cameras, and a history of other videos that don’t necessarily “add up.”

Johnny Strange rose to fame after climbing the Seven Summits by the age of 17. (These are the highest mountains on each continent, for reference.) He tragically died at 23 when a wingsuit jump went horribly wrong in 2015.

Trevor Jacob posted a controversial video titled “My Best Friend Died BASE Jumping” shortly after which hit nearly 3 million views this year. The video includes GoPro footage of the tragic jump, eyewitness testimony, and a chilling recounting of the event.

That video received equal amounts of criticism and viewers can’t help but speculate that the former Olympic star might be trying to profit off the tragic event. At this time, both videos remain live on his channel.