Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Calls for End to ‘Demonization’ of Law Enforcement

by Michael Freeman

In the past few years, the police have drawn attention to themselves more frequently, both positively and negatively. Regarding the latter, the Fraternal Order of Police Vice President recently made a plea to end law enforcement’s “demonization.”

Speaking to Harris Faulkner of Fox News, FOP Vice President Joe Garnaldi addressed the public “demonizing” the police as of late. Attacks on law enforcement officers hit a record high last year, with 346 officers being shot in the line of duty, an FOP report stated. Compared to 2020, ambush-style attacks rose 115 percent in 2021.

“There are a lot of politicians out there and people in the media and citizens who don’t think we deserve any kind of respect,” Gamaldi said on the show. “But you know what? We damn sure earn that respect every single day that we put that uniform on through our blood, sweat, and tears. And it’s well past time for the violence against law enforcement to stop and the demonization of law enforcement to stop.”

Additionally, Garnaldi notes public opinion is making it “extremely hard” to find people who want to work in law enforcement. He noted a recent instance of an Illinois police sergeant who was recently shot and killed, despite pleading for her life.

“That’s the reality of what we’re dealing with every single day that this could be the last time that we leave our homes, the last time we say goodbye to our families,” Gamaldi said. “These monsters stood over her while she begged for her life, and they shot her twice in the neck and face. It’s disgusting and it needs to stop.”

Garnaldi concluded he wants Americans to “wake up” and vote out those who suggest “alternatives to incarceration and reduced sentences for serious crimes.”

Detroit Police Officers Save Puppies in an Abandoned Home

As previously stated, though some police-related news lately is negative, much of it is positive too. For example, late last year, Detroit police officers saved puppies trapped in an abandoned home.

The deed was a Christmas miracle, with the find occurring the day after Christmas. Detroit police officers received a call about a “vicious dog” in the area and went to investigate. As it turns out, the dog wasn’t mean at all and was a malnourished mother scavenging for food. Officer Rogers could tell by looking at her she was a new mother and knew exactly what to do.

“I generally always keep bags of dog treats in my car and our police car, so I kind of just worked my way up on the porch, getting closer and closer with the treats,” Rogers told Fox News. Her plan worked, so she and Officer Kourani made their way into the house and found the dog’s puppies. They then rescued all of them and took them to a vet.

According to the veterinarian, had the puppies remained there overnight, they likely wouldn’t have survived the harsh winter weather and cold.