French’s Releasing Limited Edition Mustard-Flavored Buns for Hot Dogs at Your Next Cookout

by Megan Molseed

Get ready to add a “tangy twist” to your next backyard get-together. Late summer baseball games, bar-b-ques, pool parties, and picnics just got a little more delicious.

French’s has recently announced the limited edition release of mustard flavored hotdog buns! The unique mash-up was designed to help celebrate National Mustard Day on August 7.

This latest creation is in partnership with Piantedosi Baking Company which is based out of Massachusetts. The National Mustard Day product gives mustard lovers as well as hotdog lovers everything they need in one delicious bite.

The unique product contains the company’s signature product baked right into the hot dog bun dough. And we know it’s a genuine deal because the buns are incredibly bright yellow, just as the French’s signature product.

French’s Delivers A Burst Of Flavor

“The French’s Mustard Buns are golden in color, soft in texture, with a distinct, yet subtle tang that doesn’t overpower,” French’s said of the product in a press release. “For an extra burst of flavor, a drizzle of French’s Classic Yellow Mustard is recommended to top off your hot dog or sandwich.”

“They’re Bright, they’re yellow, they’re baked with a tangy twist,” French’s says in the most recent ad for the product. The unique is treat being served just as the company suggests in the ad. Topped with a little extra French’s Yellow Mustard on the hotdog itself.

The bright yellow frankfurter treats will be available starting this weekend. Initially, the product will be available in larger areas like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and Boston.

These delicious yellow buns will be available in stores. Customers can also expect to see the tangy product at baseball stadiums and other locations throughout the rest of the summer.

French’s lovers can find more details on how to purchase the tasty frankfurter accessory at the brand’s website

French’s is also in full support of customers who want to try their hand in baking with the famous mustard. The company has added two recipes to its website. One for Mustard Challah Bread and another for Mustard Beer Bread.

French’s has a history of creating interesting products. In 2019, the makers of the famous yellow mustard partnered with a Los Angeles based icecream company Coolhaus. The two companies worked to create mustard ice cream in celebration of national ice cream day.

And, in 2020, the famous mustard company paired with Oskar Blues to create a French’s mustard beer.