Full-Size Ford and Chevy Pickups Were the ‘Most Stolen Vehicles’ in 2020

by Matthew Memrick

Popularity breeds thievery when it comes to Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado full-size trucks these days.

Fox News reported that the pickups were high on the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s “Hot Wheels” list for most stolen vehicles for 2020. Amid this pandemic year, the rate of vehicle thefts rose by 11 percent.

The yearly study comes from law enforcement reports, and the pickups overtook the Honda Civic on the “Hot Wheels” list. The Silverado and previous Chevy full-size truck rate skyrocketed to 25.7 percent to overtake the Honda.

The F-Series truck (44,014) and the Silverado (40,968) had an impressive number of thefts, while the GMC (13,016) and Dodge (11,991) were much lower.

What makes a car most stolen? Bankrate determined that it all came down to the year, model, and value of precious metals. 

With the rise in metal prices, so goes the desire of thieves to steal car parts. The catalytic converter, made of precious metals like platinum and rhodium, is another magnet for car thieves. The website said trucks and SUVs give more accessible access to this specific part and make them an easy target for thieves.

For a breakdown of the top stolen cars in each state, go to Bankrate’s list.

Stolen Truck Security Concerns

The 2006 F-Series and 2004/5 Silverado were among the top stolen trucks because they did not have quality theft-deterrent systems. Auto theft rings are also targeting these trucks.

Other reasons included taking theft-prevention steps (taking the proper precautions to lock doors, parking in well-lighted places, using car alarms, etc.)

The AutoNxt website zeroed in on Ford trucks because it sells so many. The company sells more than 700,000 a year, and the 2005 F-Series full-size model sold more than 900,000 that year.

After Ford and Chevrolet, the 2000 Honda Civic and 1997 Honda Accord came in at third and fourth on the list. The 2019 Toyota Camry, 2020 Nissan Altima (2020), 2005 GMC Sierra full-size pickup, 2020 Toyota Corolla, 2000 Honda CRV, and 2001 Dodge rounded out the list. 

In 2020, Honda led the list with its Accord (58,596) and Civic (47,037) models. The full-size Ford (26,770) and Chevy (23,745) models were third and fourth for that year

Honda Moving Down On Stolen List

The introduction of Smart keys for the Accord and Civic models in 1998 has helped drive down its number of thefts. Models before that year are still some of the most taken cars.

According to the AutoNxt website’s review of the list, the Accord is still a trendy American car with many vehicles driving on the road today. The Honda plant outside Marysville, Ohio, assembles the Accord.

AutoNxt said the Honda Civic is no longer a popular target. The subcompact car is still among the best-selling vehicles in America. The Honda Manufacturing of Indiana plant assembles the car in Greensburg, Indiana.