Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie’s Neighbors Aren’t Scared Off by Media Spotlight

by Kati Kuuseoks

Before Gabby Petito went missing and lost her life in the Grand Teton area of Wyoming, she shared residence with Brian Laundrie and both of his parents. Actually, neighbors just hammered a sign into the Laundrie’s front yard to remind them of such. Their little North Port neighborhood in Florida fits the bill of most suburbs. The lawns are well-manicured, the streets are quiet, and not much happens. At least, that was before the “media circus” onslaught.

Some neighbors even decided to capitalize on the situation. They started renting out plots of their yards and access to bathrooms for nearly $4k a week. Still, concerns started spreading that the median house value and demand for properties in the area would plummet. Much of the public is convinced Brian Laundrie had a hand in Gabby Petito’s homicide, after all. Reports of new neighbors, however, put those concerns to rest. They’re moving in just a couple of houses down from the “circus” and remain unbothered.

Realtors Maintain their Business Prospects Among Neighborhood Drama

Tony Gustitus and Alisha Colligan are two realtors with jurisdiction over the Laundrie’s North Port neighborhood in Florida. They disclosed that despite their concerns for business in the area, they were able to close on a $379k home nearby at the start of this week. Between all the Brian Laundrie protestors, signs, and even a fight, they never imagined someone would willingly want to get closer to the action.

The realtors told reporters that the buyers found the property ahead of the Gabby Petito investigation. When the family arrived for a walk-through more recently, the realtors tried to warn them about the situation unfolding. Apparently, the buyers remained unphased. And this family isn’t the only one moving to the area. Apparently, the whole of North Port’s real estate is on the rise.

At this time it’s hard to say whether media had a role in inflating prices. This might have been a trend in the area far before North Port Police news even broke. Still, the correlation remains there. Perhaps the new neighbors will also follow suit in renting out their new space to reporters and protesters. The family’s name remains anonymous for their protection.

What Do Brian Laundrie’s Parents Do for a Living?

With median house prices of nearly $400k in the area, many people are wondering what Brian Laundrie’s parents do for a living. It turns out, they’ve been running a company together from their 10,000 square-foot Flordia home that they purchased back in 2017. Christopher and Roberta Laundrie launched Juicer Services that same year. Chris takes the spot as its official CEO, while Roberta holds the title of “registered agent.” As news broke of Gabby Petito’s homicide, the Laundries’ site and Yelp pages all faced vicious attacks in the form of negative reviews. They deactivated both pages shortly after.