Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie’s Neighbors Charging $3500 a Week for Media Space

by Amy Myers

Reporters may be crowding the street outside Brian Laundrie’s house, but that doesn’t mean that his neighbors have to suffer without compensation.

According to new information from TMZ, some of the fugitive’s neighbors are charging media personnel to use their property, some of which even providing parking access, tents, WiFi, water, chairs and bathrooms. For putting up with the media’s presence, some homeowners see $3,500 a week. And with dozens of reporters still staking out the streets, we imagine the extra income adds up quickly.

In response to reporters’ stronghold on the Florida neighborhood, local cops have issued a ban preventing them from parking directly and setting up shop on the streets. However, now, neighbors now allowing these individuals to use their driveways and yards. That means there’s not much police can do to keep them away from Brian Laundrie’s home.

Brian Laundrie’s parents have revised their daily schedule to avoid coming in contact with the ever-present reporters. It seems that the family is now nocturnal, opting to complete simple duties under the cloak of darkness. Likely, parents hoped that the media would have left the neighborhood for the night. However, one stray reporter managed to snag a clip of Brian Laundrie’s father, Christopher, walking to his mailbox one evening. The man behind the camera quickly bombarded Chris with questions regarding his son’s location.

Brian Laundrie’s parents aren’t the only ones under public watch, either. Lately, protestors and supporters of Gabby Petito have flocked to the fugitive’s sister’s home after a conflicting story emerged. Previously, Cassie Laundrie stated that she wasn’t in communication with her brother following his return to Florida. However, the family’s lawyer confirmed that she was present during the family’s camping trip to Fort De Soto.

Media Personnel Share Brian Laundrie’s Street with Gabby Petito Supporters

Meanwhile, protestors, too have swarmed the house to demand justice for deceased van-lifer Gabby Petito, however, neighbors haven’t received these individuals quite as warmly as they have their paying tenants. Just last Wednesday, a fight broke out between two protestors and one of Brian Laundrie’s neighbors.

Following the brawl, a bystander pulled out a camera and recorded the heated argument that continued onto the road. The incident began when one of the visitors stepped onto the homeowner’s property, thus resulting in a physical confrontation. Unlike the recent agreement between neighbors and media personnel, this interaction actually costed the homeowner money, as police later charged him with a simple battery.

Police are also still trying to encourage individuals to send all memorials for Gabby Petito to the town’s center, rather than Brian Laundrie’s home. They’ve even taken down a few displays placed on the Laundrie’s lawn. However, protesters have found a way around this intervention by taking their messages to the skies with plane banners.