Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie’s Sister, Cassie, Claims She Didn’t Get Phone Calls from Joseph Petito

by Keeli Parkey

The search for Brian Laundrie in connection with the death of Gabby Petito has been going on for weeks. On Monday, Oct. 4, Laundrie’s sister, Cassie, opened up to the media and shared some details about what she has experienced as this tragic situation has unfolded.

If you have been keeping up with this case, you are aware that the body of 22-year-old Gabby Petito was discovered in Teton County, Wyoming, on Sept. 19. An autopsy confirmed that the remains were that of this missing New York resident days later. The autopsy also revealed that her death was a homicide.

Petito had not been seen alive since Aug. 24. However, her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, returned to the North Port, Florida residence that he shares with his parents on Sept. 1. Petito’s parents reported her missing on Sept. 11. Brian Laundrie has reportedly not been seen since Sept. 14.

According to what she had to say to TMZ, Laundrie’s sister, Cassie, said that she was not contacted by Gabby Petito’s family before they reported her missing on Sept. 11.

“I’d also like to say that – not to upset Mr. (Joseph) Petito any further – but I did not get any phone calls from him in the days prior to Sept. 11,” Cassie shared with the media.

She also said that she has taken steps to confirm that the Petito family did not reach out to her.

“Sept. 11 – I’ve checked my phone records. I don’t see any (calls). He may have had the wrong number for me,” Cassie also said.

Brian Laundrie’s Sister Shares Other Details About Her Life as the Search for Her Brother and Gabby Petito Case Continue

In addition to commenting on the communication – or lack thereof – between her and Gabby Petito’s father, Brian Laundrie’s sister, Cassie, also shared other details about what her life has been like as the search for her brother and the case continues.

“We have fully cooperated with the police since Sept. 11 when they called. I did not say that I saw my brother. I said I haven’t been able to speak to him in reference to the time when I was called by the police,” Cassie claimed. “Since that point, I haven’t been able to speak to my brother.”

Cassie also said that Brian Laundrie and their parents came to her house on Sept. 1.

“He came to this house with my parents in their Mustang. Not the van,” she also shared. “I did not know that he took that van back. I found out the next day with everybody else. We are just as upset, frustrated, and heartbroken as everybody else. And I am losing my parents and my brother and my children’s aunt and my future sister-in-law on top of this.”

Cassie also said that her parents are not talking to her. As to why they are not speaking to her she said: “If I knew, I would say.”

A reporter also asked Cassie about something that many people have been wondering about when they think about the Gabby Petito case. “Do you think they’re involved, your parents?” the reporter asked.

“I don’t know. One-hundred percent honesty, Sept. 11 night forward we have been cooperative,” Cassie also said.