Gabby Petito Case: Former Fugitive Speaks Out About Brian Laundrie Manhunt

by Shelby Scott

Several weeks have passed since authorities located Gabby Petito’s body in Bridger-Teton National Forest. The victim’s boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, has also been on the run for several weeks. Nevertheless, authorities remain vigilant in their hunt to locate the fugitive. Now, as Americans wait for the latest Laundrie updates, a former fugitive has spoken out about the 23-year-old’s disappearance.

Like Brian Laundrie, former fugitive Seth Ferranti found himself on the U.S. Marshals’ most wanted list between 1991 and 1993. During those couple of years, Ferranti remained on the run. He persisted in avoiding authorities after facing nonviolent drug trafficking charges according to The Sun. Alongside numerous Americans and authorities alike, the former fugitive urged Laundrie, “You just gotta turn yourself in man–you gotta face the music.”

However, he had other pieces of wisdom for the wanted fugitive. “[I]f you did do something to that girl,” he began, “you gotta pay the price.” However, on the chance, Laundrie was not somehow involved with Gabby Petito’s death, he added, “And if you didn’t do anything to that girl, you’ve got to present it to the jury and trust in your innocence.”

Since the young man’s disappearance in early September, Laundrie’s case does not look good to the public whatsoever. However, whether Petito’s ex-fiancé is guilty or not, Ferranti provided insight into the manhunt from the runner’s point of view.

Potential Brian Laundrie Evasive Tactics

Authorities continue to push the manhunt in Florida’s Carlton Reserve. Meanwhile, Dog the Bounty Hunter investigates Fort de Soto campground, where Laundrie and his parents had camped before his disappearance.

As the search expands, Ferranti revealed some of the tactics a fugitive might use to continue to evade law enforcement. More than anything, the former fugitive told Fox News, to survive on the run you need, “money, money, money.” More ideally, we imagine Laundrie would have to have a less traceable form of funds to continue to remain off the grid.

Ferranti further highlighted that the first six months on the run are the hardest. He pointed out that if Laundrie has any type of assistance from family or friends, he would be more than able to remain in hiding. As far as that goes, we can’t be sure whether or not Laundrie is receiving help from others. As other law enforcement officials have pointed out, the 23-year-old fugitive could be anywhere by now. So, if he remains entirely cut off from family or friends, it may provide authorities an advantage.

Ferranti also pointed out that it’s much easier to be tracked in our modern digital age. Of modern tech, the former fugitive said, “There probably wasn’t 75 percent of the scrutiny [back then] than there is now.” He added that cameras can be found everywhere now, so Laundrie is a lot more likely to be pegged in a certain location at a certain time.

Overall, though, the fugitive shared one, potentially surprising, tidbit. “It was kind of a relief when I did get caught, even though I had to face that 25 years,” he shared with the news outlet. “[A]t least I could be myself again.”