Gabby Petito Case: Full Copy of Search Warrant of Van Rented by Couple Released

by Jonathan Howard

The Gabby Petito case is ongoing. The FBI finished their search of the Brian Laundrie home in Florida earlier Monday night. The van that Petito and Laundrie rented together was searched prior to the home search. The search warrant that was issued for the van has been released.

Over the course of 9 pages, the document breaks down what police were looking for. Inside the van was a computer. Law enforcement officials believe that the computer could be Petito’s. The document claims that there could be potential “digital forensic” evidence or other important documents pertaining to the case.

The documents break down exactly what evidence the police are seeking, in detail. This gives a good account of what exactly law enforcement officials are looking for in regards to the computer.

“Any digital documents, notes, or equipment relating to passwords, encryption codes, and data security devices which may restrict access to the hardware, software or data,” it read in part.

There was also an overarching request for any software or hardware on the computer. The cause for the warrant comes from texts. Gabby Petito had been messaging her mother during the trip. At one point, her mother noticed that she began acting strangely. It also cites the last text she sent to her mother.

Also, police cited the domestic disturbance stop that happened while Laundrie and Petito were traveling. The couple was separated for a brief time. Bodycam footage of that incident has been released and posted all over social media.

FBI Concludes Search of Laundrie Home in Gabby Petito Case

Today, the FBI finished their search of the Brian Laundrie home. While it is currently unclear what they are looking for, the search warrant above could give some insight. Perhaps they are looking for documents, physical or digital at the Laundrie residence.

One thing that was seen taken away from the house, a car. A Ford Mustang was towed away by the FBI. During the search, many boxes and plastic totes were carried out by law enforcement. These investigations take time, however, officials seem to be moving as quickly as possible.

Laundrie retained an attorney early on. During this ordeal, the family of Gabby Petito went on Dr. Phil. The longtime TV host gave the family a chance to share their thoughts and feelings. Joe, Gabby’s father had plenty to say. It is heartbreaking seeing a father go through this. While the FBI does their work, the family must sit and wait.

So, that is what we all have to do now. While it would be great to see a quick conclusion to this case, it will likely take time. More evidence will roll out, and the search warrants for the home will be released at some point. With so much to look for, there could be more warrants in the days to come.