Gabby Petito Case: How Police May Still Find Evidence of Brian Laundrie’s Cause of Death

by Kati Kuuseoks

A large portion of the population continues to voice their opinion over the investigation of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie’s relationship. They consider the case “played out.” However, from a legal and criminal standpoint, the investigation is still in its infancy. The Petito-Schmidt family deserves answers and, unfortunately, that takes time. On the one hand, investigators are reportedly piecing together a new timeline of events leading up to Gabby Petito’s disappearance and homicide.

On the other hand, they are continuing to piece together Brian Laundrie’s demise, though the signs likely point to death by his own hand. The reveal of his skeletal remains was met with more public scrutiny, but Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Erin Kimmerle tried to speak to their state. Dr. Kimmerle said, “While water will slow the process down a little, it is still common to see skeletonization in less than two weeks.” Here’s how the police may still be able to find more concrete evidence of Brian Laundrie’s official Cause of Death.

Receding Water Levels May Reveal Further Clues About Brian Laundrie and His Relationship With Gabby Petito

Officials continue to salvage what they can from the notebook found next to Brian Laundrie’s remains. Although submerged underwater for an undisclosed period of time, a “dry bag” might have preserved enough of its integrity to make it legible. The waters of Myakkahatchee continue to recede and find themselves at their lowest point in weeks. What does that mean for officials?

A retired homicide detective from the NYPD, Tom Joyce offered his own input. Actually, he thinks this may be the officials’ best bet and hopes to see them continue their search. “They definitely have a better likelihood of recovering a piece of evidence today than at that time because the water level being down gives them better access and better ability to recover.”

So, what does Joyce think they should look for? Well, pills and guns remain a possibility.

“Lower levels inside the park may help to uncover evidence that helps to answer one of the many questions still surrounding the [Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie] case.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter and His Daughter Bow Out

Dog the Bounty Hunter joined the Gabby Petito investigation early on in the hopes of tracking Brian Laundrie down before anyone else. His daughter joined him on this quest. Ultimately, their team’s tips failed to return anything substantial to the investigation.

So, where are they now? Well, for one, Lyssa Chapman deleted her Twitter account. On the other hand, Dog the Bounty Hunter ventured South. Here, he joins his Norvinlights Executive Protection Agency (NEPA) in Atlanta.

Whether that trip is more business or pleasure remains to be seen. Here’s Dog’s latest statement concerning TV show pitches…