Gabby Petito Case: Internet Sleuths Think They Spotted Someone Digging Near Where Human Remains Were Found

by Courtney Blackann

As the case surrounding missing hiker Gabby Petito heats up, the nation wants answers. Authorities announced Sunday remains found in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming were possibly those of the 22-year-old. In the hours since that revelation, web sleuths have pulled their resources – and the latest theory, if true, could be very concerning.

According to The U.S. Sun, the video was leaked online. The witness driving past the clearing near where the remains were found believes there’s something amiss about the scene. In the video, there appears to be a figure, albeit a blurry one, apparently “digging” in the ground. While this claim has no corroboration, the video is still disturbing.

“While editing a video tonight, Jenn found some footage of ours from August 27, [email protected] around 6pm around the Grand Tetons @ Spread Creek Dispersed Camping,’ the poster captions the video on the Facebook group “Find Gabby.”

“If you were in this area on this day check your photos and footage! Please share this link to our YouTube Video to spread awareness,” the poster adds.

Additionally, there’s an eerily similar-looking white van parked just before the “figure” is seen. Could it be the one belonging to Gabby and fiancé Brian Laundrie?

Theories Surrounding Gabby Petito “Digging” Video

Another group member says, “Someone needs to check that field asap, I don’t think its her but there is something of significance he’s put out there, remains of her phone, [jewelry], something of significance to her!!! Something is in a field to the left of screen.”

Thousands of comments flooded the post, with speculation about whether or not it could be either Gabby or Brian seen nearby. The footage is fairly blurry at the clearing- and with trees clouding the camera at times, it’s difficult to say for sure whether the object in the field is a person or not.

Another group member encouraged people to keep digging and posting videos. If only just in case someone could hold the answer to what led to Gabby’s tragic death.

“This is incredible! The van traveled a pretty decent span in 2 days if what we heard about Brian hitchhiking on the 29th is true. Spread Creek to Colter Bay to Jackson Dam in 2 days… There HAS to be more videos or witnesses out there!”

The original posters of the Youtube video are known as “Red, White & Bethune.” They explain in the footage that the van they saw had Florida plates. They initially were going to stop to say hello. However, the posters go on to explain they didn’t see anyone around the van and felt it was kind of strange for it to be in that remote area with no one around. Only later did they realize it was the same make and model of the van Gabby and Brian were traveling in.

Gabby’s family last heard from her on Aug. 25. Since then, her fiancé Brian showed up to his parents’ home in Florida without her. He is since missing after refusing to speak to local law enforcement. Human remains were found on Sept. 19 in the park.