Gabby Petito Case: Police Raise Questions About Campsites Found During Investigation

by Kati Kuuseoks

The developments of the Gabby Petito investigation and search for Brian Laundrie continue to share a tumultuous relationship with the public and media, to say the least. As you probably already know, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s search for Brian Laundrie remains focused on Florida’s De Soto area. On the other hand, the FBI and North Port Police keep their focus on the Carlton Reserve. They remain mostly separate investigations and neither has come up with any concrete evidence as to Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts yet. Reports did show promising leads in terms of campsite discoveries within the past week. However, a police spokesperson close to the Carlton search now denies those claims. This sends even more waves of confusion over an already puzzled public. Here’s the breakdown.

Did the Search for Brian Laundrie Turn Up With Any Campsites At All?

Yesterday, October 7th, an anonymous source allegedly close to the Laundrie family came forward with some information. They alleged that the Carlton Search produced evidence of a “fresh campsite” indicative of Brian Laundrie close by. This came after Dog the Bounty Hunter made a statement saying his search produced similar evidence of another campsite somewhere near the De Soto grounds. The thing is, neither claim has been substantiated. And now, a police spokesperson directly contradicts the anonymous source connected to the Laundrie family. His name is Josh Taylor and he relayed what investigators told him: the Carlton search produced no evidence of a campfire, despite others’ claims.

“Is it possible that they thought that there might be a campsite out there or something they may have seen from the air but when they got on the ground that’s not what it turned out to be? Sure, I think that’s a possibility,” Taylor told reporters. “Bottom line is that investigators are telling me that no campsite was found out there.”

The spokesperson also commented on the events leading up to Brian Laundrie’s disappearance. He claims that the North Port Police Department did do their best to keep an eye on Brian when he showed up to town alone. However, Taylor says the police were limited legally in their surveillance because Brian did not have a “fugitive” or “suspect” classification at the time. Even now, he remains a “person of interest” versus a “suspect.” However, the federal warrant out for his arrest does give police more power.

Navigating the Truth in the Gabby Petito Case

The Gabby Petito investigation centers around a lot of players, and they all seem to have a different story. Even within the Laundrie family alone, there seems to be a disconnect between the parents, Brian’s sister, and their lawyer. Then, of course, there’s Dog the Bounty Hunter in the mix along with thousands of internet sleuths to complicate matters. It’s hard to navigate the truth when the stories change so frequently. As of now, the only true facts we know are as follows: 1) Gabby Petito lost her life tragically early to homicide. 2) Brian Laundrie is the main person of interest and on the run. 3) Brian’s father joined the Carlton Reserve search at the request of the FBI.

North Port Police have yet to make any official statements regarding updates on their Twitter or otherwise.