Gabby Petito: Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Lyssa Says She’s Not Allowed to Reveal ‘Active’ Info

by Leanne Stahulak

Dog the Bounty Hunter, who’s searching for Gabby Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie, can no longer reveal “active information” through his daughter, Lyssa Chapman.

Chapman sent out a tweet to update her followers on the development. She didn’t say who wanted her to keep quiet, but we can assume law enforcement officials want to keep certain details close to their chest while the investigation is ongoing.

According to the New York Post, Dog’s daughter sent out this message yesterday to let people know she couldn’t reveal the “big news” she’d hyped up last week. The news likely has to do with the location or status of Laundrie, who’s a person of interest in the death of 22-year-old Gabby Petito, his girlfriend.

“Hi guys, I was locked out of Twitter due to account security. Just got back in. A lot of people asking about my last tweet with big news,” she said Sunday. “I’ve been asked to not share active information due to the large amount of media surrounding the case.”

Along with the tweet, Chapman included a photo with text that reads, “I know I disappear a lot, I don’t text back consistently, and I’m distant. The truth is, I’m a superhero.”

While Dog (real name Duane Chapman) continues the search on foot, Lyssa Chapman handles things on the digital end. She combs through the thousands of leads Dog’s tipline receives and notifies her dad of the most credible ones.

Chapman also shared that her dad headed back to Colorado to “handle some business” before continuing the search with the Florida team. Dog’s team told WFLA reporter Josh Benson that he injured his ankle while searching for Gabby Petito’s boyfriend. Doctors will check out his ankle in Colorado while he handles the business Chapman spoke of.

Gabby Petito: Lyssa Chapman Claims ‘Bait is Set’ For Brian Laundrie

Although Lyssa Chapman can’t reveal active information in the Gabby Petito case, she can still update followers on how close they are to catching him. And based on her latest tweet from earlier Sunday, it sounds like they’re closing in.

Chapman tweeted that they’re “not giving up” on the case anytime soon. Despite her father’s injury and trip to Colorado, he’ll be back in the thick of the search soon enough.

“It’s common that we (include you all) put so much heat on a fugitive they dig down, he will pop up again. Bait is set,” Chapman tweeted about Gabby Petito’s boyfriend.

Essentially, she’s saying that Laundrie will get sloppy once the attention on him dies down a bit. He might think things are blowing over. But really, the authorities and Dog will be waiting in the wings for him to make a mistake.