Gabby Petito Gains 1 Million Followers Posthumously As Supporters Flock to Site of Her Last Post

by Clayton Edwards

The Gabby Petito case grabbed the world’s attention earlier this month. Brian Laundrie returned to Florida without her on September first. Ten days later, those close to Gabby reported her missing. The FBI discovered her body on September 19th. Each new development draws more eyes to the case. Currently, millions of people are holding their thumbs on the pulse of the case as it unfolds before their eyes.

Gabby Petito’s disappearance and murder didn’t just draw the eyes of true crime fans and internet sleuths. Some big names have pledged to help locate her missing boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. In fact, John Walsh threw his hat in the ring not long ago during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Additionally, the media firestorm surrounding her disappearance pulled eyes to Gabby’s online presence. Recently, her Instagram reached one million followers. The profile reached that milestone on Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail.

Many who hope to make a name for themselves online see the million-follower mark as a major milestone. At that point, countless opportunities open to them. That fact makes Gabby Petito’s current follower count of 1.1 million so bittersweet. If Gabby were still with us, she would be sitting on top of the world right now.

Followers flooded Gabby Petito’s latest Instagram posts with likes and comments. However, the comments aren’t full of support for her traveling lifestyle or love and respect for America’s National Parks. Instead, they contain speculation and messages of condolences for her family. The content of the comment threads serves to highlight the bittersweet nature of Gabby’s newfound fame.

A Look at Gabby Petito’s Instagram

The final post hit Gabby Petito’s Instagram profile four weeks ago. In that photo, we see a smiling Gabby holding a small crocheted pumpkin in front of a monarch butterfly-themed mural. The caption reads, “Happy Halloween,” showing that Petito was already getting into the autumnal spirit. See the photo below.

According to The Daily Mail, Gabby Petito snapped the photo in front of The Monarch in Ogden, Utah. The venue bills itself as “A collaborative environment where artists, creative businesses, and makers of all types can connect, inspire, and create together…”

The Daily Mail reported that many people have flocked to The Monarch. The creative space now stands as an unofficial memorial to Gabby Petito. People come from miles around to leave flowers, take photos, and leave messages in memory of the New York native.

However, many people don’t believe that Gabby Petito posted the photo in front of The Monarch. One comment, that has over 32,000 likes states just that. “This post doesn’t add up,” the commenter opines. “They were traveling across the country visiting state parks. Then, all of a sudden, a post where they are back in civilization with a generic description. This was not posted by Gabby.”

The hunt continues for Brian Laundrie and justice for Gabby Petito.