Gabby Petito: Watch a Former FBI Agent Answer Major Questions About Case Near Laundrie Family Home

by Courtney Blackann

Since Gabby Petito’s death, the case is under a huge magnifying glass as people scrutinize every detail. This largely includes Brian Laundrie’s parents, Roberta and Chris, as well as his sister Cassie. Their story seems to be ever-changing. And the public wants some answers about the family’s bizarre behavior. Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer attempts to help clear up some of those questions.

In an ask-and-tell style interview with NewsNationNow correspondent Brian Entin, Coffindaffer addresses several topics. These include Cassie’s credibility, Roberta and Chris’s silence, and Brian’s disappearance.

Take a look here:

One of the most pressing issues Coffindaffer speculates about is whether or not authorities will find Brian Laundrie. The former FBI agent believes he will eventually be located. But not for some time. This is because of Brian’s survivalist skills and his knowledge of the outdoors. However, she does believe he will eventually be located somewhere within the United States.

Cassie Laundrie on Brother Brian Laundrie

Additionally, Coffindaffer said Cassie Laundrie’s timeline of events is iffy at best. The sister of Brian Laundrie has made several conflicting statements about her last interactions with Brian.

“I’d give Cassie an F for telling the truth,” Coffindaffer says in the interview. The former FBI agent said Cassie is probably also lying about knowledge of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie’s toxic relationship, noting she’d lived with the couple in the Laundrie family home.

“I think she might know more about the troubled relationship [Gabby and Brian] had, even though she claims she didn’t know anything about it.”

She believes getting Cassie to talk more openly is the key to finding out more about Brian Laundrie’s location. Coffindaffer also mentions if Cassie could benefit from some kind of immunity to talk, there could be big breaks in the case.

Inexperienced Attorney

Further, Coffindaffer seems to slam the Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, for his lack of experience in criminal cases. She says usually a defense attorney would have a much more “positive narrative” about the family as well as keep tighter control over what information goes to the media.

Even more, the former FBI agent said she also believes the Laundrie family and attorney are in “loose contact” with Brian. Whether or not they could be in more serious trouble for this (if true) depends on if they helped him escape, destroyed any evidence, or had prior information they did not share with law enforcement.

Each of those crimes, Coffindaffer says, comes with a serious consequence.

Days after a missing person’s report was filed about Gabby Petito, her boyfriend Brian Laundrie disappeared. Her remains were found in a Wyoming national park on Sept. 19. Her death was ruled a homicide. An investigation to find Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts is ongoing.