Gabby Petito’s Parents Help Locate Missing Woman

by Samantha Whidden

Following the intense publicity of their daughter’s own disappearance case, parents of the late Gabby Petito are now using their experience to help others in finding their loved ones. In doing so, they were able to help find a missing Indiana woman alive.

PopCulture reported that much like Gabby Petito, Lateche Norris was on a cross-country trip to visit her boyfriend. Norris last spoke to her parents on November 5th after she made it to California. During her phone call, Norris indicated that she had been fighting with her boyfriend. She told her parents that she would call the next day. Her parents did not hear from her the next day.

Following the news that Norris had gone missing, Gabby Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, took to Twitter to help find the missing woman. “Twitter, please help find Lateche Norris,” Joseph wrote. He stated in his post she was last seen on November 5th using a stranger’s phone at a 7-11. Which is located at 222 Park Boulevard in San Diego. “Please remember her face and his and share. Please we need your help to bring her home safely.”

Luckily, Norris is alive and in San Diego! She has also reunited with her family. The media outlet revealed that police were able to use surveillance footage from the 7-11 to urge the public to share tips and details about the search. Gabby Petito’s father also offered Norris’ family advice on how to deal with the media during the search.

It took three weeks of “extensive” investigative work to find Norris by the FBI and local authorities. The investigation also includes a ransom letter that demands the family pay $7,000.

Gabby Petito’s Parents Address Their Own Daughter’s Case 

According to Bronx News 12, Gabby Petito’s parents recently addressed their daughter’s disappearance and unfortunate death in a chat on Twitter. The parents reportedly said things could have gone differently if police in Utah would have done more for their daughter. 

“I don’t know what could’ve transpired differently,” Gabby Petito’s mother explained. “If diligence had been done in the first place…”

Those of the followers of the Gabby Petito case have questioned whether the Utah police should have done more when they had responded to the domestic disturbance call between Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. 

The discussion with Gabby Petito’s parents comes nearly two weeks after Brian Laundrie’s death was ruled as being caused by a gunshot wound to the head. Laundrie notably returned from his and Petito’s cross-country trip without Petito. When her parents filed a missing person report, Laundrie himself disappeared.

Gabby Petito’s body was discovered in Grand Teton National Park days later. After a month-long manhunt, Laundrie’s remains were found at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Florida.